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Lego recreates the house from ‘Home Alone

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Lego has created a nostalgic replica just in time for the holiday season. Lego's latest fan-designed set is a replica of the house from the classic 1990 Fliek "Home Alone," about the problems that arise when burglar...

Teenager armed with Lego gun triggers alarm in southern Germany

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A teenager triggered a large-scale police operation after a restaurant owner mistook a Lego toy gun he was carrying for a real weapon. A witness raised the alarm after seeing the 15-year-old, who was wearing a camou...

The ‘Queer EyeLEGO set with the Fab Five will brighten your day

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LEGO has launched a set of the Fab 5 loft from Netflix's "Queer Eye." The company debuted the set design, which has a total of 974 stukke, including a couch and wall art. LEGO mini-figure versions of the cast, inclu...

‘Lego Masterartist explains his job creating building challenges for contestants

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Soos "Lego Masters" returns, the remaining contestants are going to be challenged in new and exciting ways. According to the show’s consulting producer, Nathan Sawaya, it won’t be easy. FOX's Lego Masters - S ...

Pete Hegseth shames DOJ, media for misinformation on Lego Capitol outrage: ‘Don’t expect many corrections’

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The media busted into hysteria after the FBI "bevestig" that a "fully constructed" Lego set of the Capitol Building was found in possession of 27-year-old substitute teacher Robert Morss only for the DOJ to announce...

Lego unveils brick prototype made from recycled plastic

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The Lego Group is one step closer to reaching its goal of making all its products from sustainable material by 2030. The Danish toymaker unveiled a prototype brick made from recycled plastic. In a news release, Lego...

Lego marks first space shuttle flight with new set featuring Discovery and Hubble Space Telescope

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Lego is launching a new set that is out of this world: the space shuttle Discovery and the Hubble Space Telescope. The set, which will be released on April 1, was created in partnership with NASA to mark the 40th a...

Lego rolls out Colosseum, a model of the Roman amphitheater with over 9,000 stukke

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Lego has officially rolled out Colosseum -- the largest Lego brick set in history and a detailed reproduction of Rome's famous oval amphitheatre. Bad news: it's already out of stock. Die model, which Lego released ...