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Europe sees China through a Russian lens, and Beijing is not happy

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'N Weergawe van hierdie verhaal verskyn in die nuusbrief Intussen in China van CNN, 'n opdatering van drie keer per week wat ondersoek instel na wat u moet weet oor die opkoms van die land en hoe dit die wêreld beïnvloed. Teken hier in. Hong Kong As l...

Viewing Monkeypox through the lens of COVID is not correct, there is no pandemic potential: Dr. Amish Adalja

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DR.AMISH ADALJA: This is something we have dealt with before. What’s interesting about this outbreak that’s occurring now is it's transmitting person to person with people who haven’t been to any of the endemic areas...

‘National Championstackles the big-money world of college football through a dark lens

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"National Champions" tackles the NCAA and its hypocrisy about "student-atlete," but in a movie that doesn't make it across the goal line. The message is still worth contemplating, but lacking a better vehicle to c...

Greg Gutfeld advises the media to ‘stop viewing everything through the lens of race

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"One thing that's also interesting is that we're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow as a country, and we give thanks for our nation and our system [van] a trial by jury. It's sometimes … slow and it takes a long time –...

Virginia DOE pushes document on ‘mathematics through the lens of social justice

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Op Dinsdag, Loudoun County school board member Ian Serotkin said the state would move toward eliminating accelerated math classes before 11th grade, a move that's part of the state's sweeping new framework. In discus...

Mars ‘rainbowactually lens flare, NASA says

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In a Tuesday tweet, the NASA Perseverance Mars rover account wrote that the agency had seen comments online wondering about the bright arc captured in the April 4 photo from the rover's onboard Rear Left Hazard Avoid...

‘American Skinexplores race, policing and loss through a provocative lens

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"American Skin" touches on raw nerves in the midst of a chaotic historical moment, which is ultimately the whole point. Following his 2016 feature debut "The Birth of a Nation," writer-director-star Nate Parker seek...