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Tucker Carlson: Democrats cry, ‘Let them use knives,’ because teenage knife fights are human rights

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At a triumphant press conference Wednesday, leading Democrats unveiled their findings, which are now a plank in the party’s platform: they’re going to allow children to stab each other. Stabbing people has long been ...

‘Let Them All Talktakes a breezy boat trip with Meryl Streep and company

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"Let Them All Talk" is as breezy as an ocean cruise (pre-Covid), and mostly a welcome excuse to enjoy its three septuagenarian leads -- Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest -- as they banter their way acros...

‘Let Him Goreunites Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in an old-fashioned thriller

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The ads for "Let Him Go" frankly don't really do the movie justice, making this understated little film -- anchored by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner's steely performances -- look a lot more like "Taken" than it actua...

Paris Jackson debuts ‘Let Downand signs record deal

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Paris Jackson made her solo debut on Friday with the single and video for "Let Down." Die lied, written by Jackson, marks her inaugural solo release for Republic Records, with whom she has signed a deal. "I feel so ...