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WhatsApp is going to stop letting everyone see when you’re online

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(CNN Besigheid)WhatsApp announced several new privacy updates on Tuesday, including the ability for users to check their messages without other people knowing. The platform will soon allow people to control who can s...

Hilton: It’s time we stop letting the ‘idiotexperts destroy our country

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DR. FAUCI TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 STEVE HILTON: That’s the number one rule of government by ‘expert idiot.’ No one is ever held accountable, however much they screw up. Which of course we see in the absolute crow...

Demokrate’ gun control hypocrisy highlighted by liberal DAs letting violent criminals off: Sexton

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Sexton, a former CIA officer and host of the "Klei Travis & Buck Sexton Show", pointed out the same Democrats who are seeking to essentially criminalize many gun owners are the same ones who support progressive d...

Biden administration letting southern border crisis rage on

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Dwelms. Misdaad. Violence. This is not the rosy picture the American people were promised in the last election. When looking at the factors that fuel concerns about violence – and our ability to mitigate it – we can’t i...

MSNBC’s Joy Reid complains that ending mask mandates is ‘letting the a-holes win

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Maandag, Amerikaanse. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the federal mask mandate for airlines. Shortly after the announcement, several videos online emerged of pilots and flight attendants informing ...

Brian Kilmeade: Democrats are letting the most aggressive criminals run free

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BRIAN KILMEADE: America's coming out of a bloody Easter weekend where cities across the country were rocked by mass shootings and street violence. While Democrats are proving once again that they are more than willin...

Host Wanda Sykes slams Academy for letting Will Smith accept Oscar: ‘It was gross

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Sykes, who served as a co-host for the award show Sunday night, recalled her version of events during a preview of Thursday's episode of "Die Ellen Show." The actress revealed she had just introduced Rock and was in ...

Nets fined $50K for letting Kyrie Irving enter locker room

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Irving was a spectator at Barclays Center on Sunday, sitting across from the Nets bench for Brooklyn’s 110-107 victory over the New York Knicks. There is no longer a mandate that fans be vaccinated to enter the arena...

Trump says Biden is letting ‘radical climate extremists run our countryas US sees record-high gas prices

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"Energy prices are skyrocketing — they are going to infinity, all because of Joe Biden," Trump told Fox News. Americans are experiencing the highest gas prices since the 2007-09 financial crisis, with the national g...

Jesse Watters likens Democratssoft-on-crime policies to parents letting their ‘kids run wild

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Aan "Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden," Watters said that many American parents understand the value and importance of punishing their misbehaving children, but that such a dynamic hasn't seemed to translate to liberals in gov...

10-year-old with brain cancer sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies: ‘He is not letting it set him back

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Devarjaye "D.J." Daniël, 10, has terminal brain cancer and spinal cancer. Maandag, he reached his goal of being sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies in an effort to bring awareness to childhood cancer, volgens ...

Slain Army vet’s mother blames bail reform for letting accused murderer walk free

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Correa's mother, Madeline Brame, blames progressive politicians for rewarding her son's alleged killer. "They attacked my son that he didn't know, nor had he done them any harm. And he was butchered to death," she sa...

Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor: Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor’

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"Wel, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor, Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor. Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor. Regter beveel Oath Keepers-leier om in die tronk te bly hangende verhoor.

The dangers of ‘letting Covid rip

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Kent Sepkowitz is a physician and infection control expert at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Die menings wat in hierdie kommentaar uitgespreek word, is sy eie. Sien meer mening oor CNN. Covid-19 continues its ...

Manchin is letting down West Virginians like me

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JoAnna Vance is a recovery fellow for the American Friends Service Committee's (AFSC) West Virginia Economic Justice Project and serves as a West Virginia organizer for the Recovery Advocacy Project. She and her fami...

What do New Yorkers think about letting noncitizens vote in city elections?

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"I think it's a good idea," a New Yorker in favor of the change told Fox News. "If they're living here, but they're on a working visa, ek bedoel, I guess they should have a say as to what's going on in the city, reg?"...

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