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Strong winds and low tides lead to ‘abnormallylow water levels in Alabama

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Strong winds are leading to abnormally low water levels in areas of Mobile Bay, Alabama. Stephen Miller, meteorologist for the National Weather Service (NWS) in Mobile, explains that strong north winds at the time ...

Sea-level rise is accelerating to its highest levels in at least 2,000 years across the Northeast, including New York City, studie sê

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Along a stretch of the East Coast that includes New York City, sea-level rise has increased at its fastest rate in the prior 100 years compared to the past 2,000 jare, according to a new study led by Rutgers Univer...

Japan se Suga verklaar noodtoestand vir Tokio, aangesien Covid-19-gevalle die hoogste vlakke bereik

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Die Japanse premier, Yoshihide Suga, het 'n noodtoestand vir die land se hoofstad en omliggende gebiede verklaar, aangesien Covid-19-gevalle sedert die begin van die pandemie tot die hoogste vlakke styg.. Die opkoms ...

Jongmense se angsvlakke het byna verdubbel tydens die eerste Covid-19-uitsluiting, studie sê

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Die vroeë stadiums van die koronavirus-pandemie en die eerste Covid-19-uitsluiting het veroorsaak dat die aantal jongmense met angs byna verdubbel het, volgens 'n studie van die Universiteit van Bristol. Die studeerkamer, vrygelaat ...

A diabetes drug has been recalled because it contains high levels of cancer-causing agent

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A widely-used diabetes drug has been recalled after manufacturers found it contained unacceptably high levels of a cancer-causing contaminant. Indian pharmaceutical company Marksans Pharma Limited is recalling metf...

Three types of dog foods sold nationwide recalled over high levels of mold by-product

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Sunshine Mills has issued a voluntary recall of three dog food products due to high levels of aflatoxin, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring mold by-product and can be ...