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Los medios de comunicación se ponen del lado de los marxistas’ contra Rittenhouse: Levin

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Levin dijo "Hannity" los medios de comunicación se han convertido en grandes "racista" y ya no es un prescrito constitucionalmente "prensa Libre." Hizo un llamado a los estadounidenses para que tomen nota de las corporaciones que controlan los principales medios de comunicación., luego...

Mark Levin: ¿Qué tipo de país estamos creando y dejando a nuestros hijos??

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MARK LEVIN: La teoría crítica de la raza es veneno, pero es más que una teoría crítica de la raza. Lo que le han hecho a sus hijos es indignante. ¿Qué tipo de país vamos a dejar a nuestros hijos y nietos y ...?.

Mark Levin: Parents being told to ‘sit down and shut upas their children are being brainwashed

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Levin focussed his opening monologue Sunday on the left's fixation with the controversial race-based idealogy that has infiltrated classrooms across the country, denouncing the curriculum as little more than "racismo ...

Mark Levin: Joe Biden is the most lawless president in modern American history

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"Joe Biden is the most lawless president in modern American history. You can talk about Nixon. You can talk about whomever you want. Joe Biden day in and day out violates the Constitution and federal statutory law, a...

Joe Biden rushing toward Halloween deadline for ‘American Marxism’: Mark Levin

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Levin, gran cantidad de "La vida, Libertad & Levin" on Sunday evenings, said that while Biden races to install a Marxist socioeconomic system in the United States, his attorney general is using the Justice Department as a pol...

Mark Levin: Network of liberal dark money groups, billionaires, and Democrats attacking our elections

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People aren't supposed to talk about issues with the 2020 elección, Levin said, lest they be labeled conspiracy theorists by the media. "If we don't address this, the next election for president in 2024 is going to w...

Mark Levin blasts ‘reprobatesin media and academia attacking parents while excusing actual violence by BLM

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En "The Mark Levin Show" on Westwood One, the host commented on recent events at his local municipality's school board meetings in Loudon County, Virginia. One event included a man who was arrested during a school bo...

Mark Levin: AG Garland firmó "una de las violaciones más atroces de su libertad’ con memorando de la junta escolar

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El mordaz monólogo de Levin sigue a días de indignación por el memorando del fiscal general, que llegó poco después de una carta de la Asociación Nacional de Juntas Escolares (NSBA) al presidente Biden que dijo algo retórico c ...

Levin: ‘The Democrat Party is a very diabolical political organization

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Democrats are promoting the expansive bill which includes a series of social reforms, but the bill has caused a fracture within the party. The multitude of views from progressives to moderate Democrats within the par...

Mark Levin disgusted by politicians who ‘have politicized the scienceof COVID

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MARK LEVIN: Look we have people who are vaccinated, a huge number of people who are vaccinated, casi 80%. We've got people who have natural immunity. What percentage of the 20% have natural immunity? The CDC won't ...

Mark Levin: Democrats are running ‘Ponzi scheme’ con $3.5 trillion spending bill

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The social spending package assembled by Democrats is set to be voted on by the House on Sept. 27. Many details of the legislation remain unclear, Levin said, faulting Democrats for hiding controversial spending prov...

Peter Doocy, Lawrence Jones discuss reporting on key issues on ‘Life, Libertad & Levin’

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Host Mark Levin questioned Doocy about how he prepares for White House briefings and interactions with President Joe Biden. "For a relatively young person, I have a ton of Joe Biden knowledge built up in my brain fr...

Mark Levin critica a Woodward de WaPo & Costa: Qué periodistas "se sientan en esta historia"?

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Levin dijo el martes el "Hannity" que si Costa y Woodward dicen la verdad, en que Milley aseguró al Partido Comunista Chino Gen. Li Zuocheng que advertiría a Beijing de cualquier futuro de EE. UU.. comando de acciones militares ...

Levin: Joe Biden is the closest thing to a dictator America has ever had

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Levin, a vocal opponent of Biden's planned vaccine mandate on businesses with more than 100 empleados, told viewers over the weekend that it represents the fruition of "the American Marxist movement that I have been ...

Mark Levin: How many Anne Franks are in Afghanistan tonight?

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"How many Anne Franks are there tonight in Afghanistan?" preguntó. "How many Anne Franks are hiding in cellars all across the country today? I want to talk about the people left behind, not the 124,000 who’ve been ev...

Levin: Terrorist groups will consider it ‘open season on Americansif citizens are left behind in Afghanistan

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"Now we're supposed to believe with the Taliban, the good guy and ISIS is the bad guy. They're all cockroaches," Levin said at the top of his show. "They want to kill as many Americans as possible. And now look at th...

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