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L'ospite di Levin Brett Tolman sbatte i media, elogia la Corte Suprema per "aver frenato il suo attivismo"

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Tolman ha elogiato le recenti sentenze della Corte Suprema nell'episodio di "Life"., Libertà, e Levin' ricordando gli stessi fondatori: "L'intenzione dei corniciai era così sostanziale riguardo a ciò che il ...

Levin rips the Jan. 6 Comitato: ‘We live in a post-constitutional America

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In his opening monologue on Sunday, Levin held a pocket copy of the United States Constitution, acknowledging, "This is supposed to be the overall law of the land that protects our individuality, our freedom and the ...

Jan. 6 hearings an ‘abomination to the American system:’ Mark Levin

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MARK LEVIN: This is a sham. This will go down in history as a dark mark on the American political system. We can’t see it now, [ma] the mob is in control, the mob runs the media, the propaganda is full-throated, you...

Levin: Ruling class attacks your liberties to avoid facing their own failures

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On his Sunday night show, Levin illustrated how the "ruling class," il governo, i media, big tech companies and academia, routinely attack the rights of the individual in the First and Second Amendments, so the...

Mark Levin: Democrats have been pushing ‘racistpolicies ‘for decades

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Il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" host began by asking what reason President Biden would have to allow for a "wide open border" when it doesn't help us economically or protect the health and safety of Americans. "Why i...

Levin declares US recession, blames ‘Democratsinvasion of Washington DC

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Levin, ospite di "Vita, Libertà & Levin" on Fox News, suggested many of the crises Biden has overseen are not necessarily by accident. "Joe Biden is a one-man wrecking-ball and he's taken his idiocy to our economy ...

Mark Levin strappa i Democratici’ 'la guerra’ contro Donald Trump: "Orribile"’ 'Stalinista’ 'palcoscenico’

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Il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" l'ospite ha affermato che i Democratici al Congresso avevano abusato dei loro poteri e si erano accordati con i media per eliminare l'ex presidente perché lo consideravano un potenziale 2024 minaccia. Lui ...

Mark Levin rejoins Twitter, blasts ‘freak showof Musk critics: ‘These same people hate ExxonMobil

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Levin, ospite di "The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One" and a former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff, told Fox News the same "freakshow" of liberal hypocrites who cry foul over the behavior of Big Oil titans ar...

Levin: ‘America firstdoesn’t mean sticking ‘your head in the sand

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Il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" host said how the word "nationalist" cannot be found in our founding documents because the founders and framers "believed in Americanism," guided by "natural law and rights," not natio...

Levin goes off on reported anti-satellite weapons test ban, says decision endangers US, empowers Russia

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Levin reported that the White House became alarmed after a similar Russian test created space junk, which if hefty enough can endanger other satellites or crash to Earth itself. The move appeared to encapsulate a tri...

Mark Levin ‘ashamedof US response to Ukraine invasion, urges Biden to start ‘muscling upUS military

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Il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" host delivered an impassioned monologue on his show over the weekend, where he spoke out against Putin defenders and isolationists who've warned the U.S. against taking action to defen...

Levin calls for special counsel to investigate Biden family: ‘We need to know what the hell is going on

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Levin began his show Sunday taking the press to task for deliberately concealing information pertaining to Hunter Biden's laptop when it was first reported in 2020, noting how prominent news outlets collectively disr...

Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale

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MARK LEVIN: Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale, Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale. Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale. Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale. Dopo anni di debilitante ansia sociale.

Levin: Putin is a war criminal, ‘genocidal maniacwho ‘killed his way to the top

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Il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" host pointed to a 5,000-word essay published in July on the Kremlin website where the author, who presents himself as Putin, outlines his apparent quest to destroy former Soviet states...

Levin: With Biden’s help, Iran will be able to reach ‘any corner of the earthwith nuclear capabilities

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The Biden administration has made it a top priority to re-enter negotiations with Tehran first established under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and intends to move forward with the deal, despite...

Levin: The ‘same damn generalsciting escalation concerns with Russia are empowering China, Iran as we speak

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"We keep hearing this word ‘escalation,'" il "Vita, Libertà & Levin" l'ospite ha detto agli spettatori nel suo monologo di apertura. "You know we don’t want to escalate things, war crimes are one thing, genocide is another, but we ...