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How to support your LGBTQ child’s mental health

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Iscriviti a Stress della CNN, Ma Meno newsletter. Il progetto Goodwill alla scuola della California diventa virale. When Justine Larson's son came out as transgender at ag...

An affirming hymnal is helping LGBTQ Christians keep the faith

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Ask any Christian, and they're likely to tell you their earliest experiences of religion are ones of music. The memories of voices swelling with song or a grandmother softly humming a favorite tune can hold a sacred...

Diversi giocatori dei Tampa Bay Rays rifiutano di indossare i loghi LGBTQ sulle divise per la Pride Night, dicono i rapporti

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Diversi giocatori dei Tampa Bay Rays non hanno indossato i loghi LGBTQ sulle loro divise per la celebrazione della Pride Night della squadra durante la partita di sabato contro i Chicago White Sox. Secondo il Tampa Bay Times, a le...

4 LGBTQ groups say they will boycott NYC Mayor Adamspride reception over appointment of advisers they claim are anti-LGBTQ

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Four LGBTQ groups say they will boycott New York City's June 7 pride reception, citing Mayor Eric Adams' decision to hire what the groups say are two anti-LGBTQ faith advisers, the groups announced in a joint statem...

Opinione: With LGBTQ+ rights under threat, we will not be erased

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Allison Hope is a writer whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Il Washington Post, CNN, Slate and elsewhere. Le opinioni qui espresse sono dell'autore. Leggi altre opinioni sulla CNN. A giugno 28, 1970, thou...

LGBTQ advocate demands Bill Maher’s cancellation by HBO, says comedian has ‘gone too far’

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Advocate magazine published a piece on Wednesday headlined, "Bill Maher Has Gone Too Far With Anti-LGBTQ+ Comments," with a subhead declaring, "David Kilmnick of the LGBT Network says Maher's HBO show, Real Time With...

LGBTQ+ chat room encourages teens to discuss gender, sexuality with adults without parental consent

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The outrage stems from a tweet shared by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account capturing a move by the Arizona Department of Education which would provide a "resource link" for LGBT students to discuss their gender and/...

State Farm accused of pushing LGBTQ+ books on kids, Consumers’ Research launches ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’

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"Consumers’ Research is launching a campaign against State Farm Insurance because, recently a whistleblower brought to our attention evidence – email chain traffic – showing that they have been intentionally trying t...

Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten

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The reading lists, which include titles on Greta Thunberg and Elizabeth Warren, were created by the NYC Department of Education Library services, according to the TeachingBooks website. The page can only be accessed ...

A BYU student flashed a Pride flag at graduation to honor LGBTQ students like herself

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When Jillian Orr walked across the stage to accept her degree in psychology from the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University, she was anxious -- and not just with the usual pre-commencement, rest-of-your-life-ahead-of...

Warner Bros. takes heat for removing film’s LGBTQ content to appease Chinese censors

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Variety reported on April 12 quella "references to a gay relationship in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ were edited out of the movie by Warner Bros. for the film’s release in China." Secondo l'out ...

l'atteggiamento verso il confine tornerà a morderli "alla grande"

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Washington Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter Race Deconstructed della CNN. Per riceverlo nella tua casella di posta ogni settimana, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. l'atteggiamento verso il confine tornerà a morderli "alla grande". l'atteggiamento verso il confine tornerà a morderli "alla grande", l'atteggiamento verso il confine tornerà a morderli "alla grande".

A roundup of controversial red-state actions restricting abortion, LGBTQ rights and more

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Republican-led states around the country have enacted a flurry of new restrictions on abortion, LGBTQ and transgender youth rights, and discussion of critical race theory. Here's a look at some of the legislation th...

LGBTQ reporter says MSNBC ‘misgendered me,’ refuses to fix it

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Di venerdì, Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz and 19th News reporter Kate Sosin sat down for a joint interview and spoke about how viral attacks have impacted their work as well as their personal well-being. Sos...

Books about LGBTQ and Black people were among the most challenged books in 2021

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Books that tell the stories of Black and LGBTQ people or by authors in those communities were among the 10 most challenged titles in 2021, the American Library Association said. As the efforts to ban books in school...

First lawsuit filed over Florida law restricting certain LGBTQ topics in the classroom

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Two LGBTQ rights advocacy groups, as well as students, parents and a teacher in Florida, filed a federal lawsuit Thursday, challenging the state's new law banning certain instruction about sexual orientation and gen...