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Stephen Breyer gifted the chance for a liberal successorwhen will he take it?

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A new Democratic-controlled Senate boosts the chances Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, would retire this year and offer new President Joe Biden an early opportunity to put his imprint on America's high cour...

Jennifer Rubin knocks off ‘Liberal Hackchamp Brian Stelter, faces Chris Cuomo in title contest

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ルービン, who was defeated by Stelter in last year's championship match, edged out CNN's left-wing media guru by a narrow margin, earning 51% of the whopping 15,858 投票, an impressive 8-point swing from 2020. While S...

Liberal comedian Samantha Bee admits she pulls punches when it comes to Biden: ‘I can’t deny that’

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Bee joined journalist Dan Rather on his SiriusXM program and the left-wing veteran newsman asked, "Do you, or do you not, find yourself sometimes at least tempted to kind of pull your punches?" "言い換えると, 君は, ...

マハーはデサンティスを称賛する, クオモをノックする, 「リベラルメディア’ COVIDを間違えたため: 「これらは単なる事実です’

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彼の閉会の独白で金曜日の夜, マハーはメディアに狙いを定めた "パニックポルノ" パンデミック中, それを示すダートマスの研究を引用して "ほぼ 90 パーセント" 私たちの. 全国メディアの報道は比較して否定的でした。.

Ted Cruz jabs CNN, suggests Cuban leader Raul Castro should join liberal network

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Without a beat, その. テッド・クルーズ, R-テキサス, suggested Castro's next gig. Some social media users nodded along with Cruz's suggestion, noting that the move would make sense because CNN is the "Communist News Network." Ot...

More liberal publications call for stopping outdoor mask mandates: ‘Meaningless political theater

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Atlantic staff writer Derek Thompson called for governments to give an "off-ramp" to normalcy by getting rid of outdoor mask rules. He likened people wearing their masks while walking into a restaurant, only to take ...

Prominent liberal donors back Virginia state Sen. Jennifer McClellan’s bid to become nation’s first Black female governor

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A prominent pair of liberal donors is urging fellow contributors to back Virginia Democrat Jennifer McClellan in an effort to catapult the state senator ahead in the crowded gubernatorial field of this year's closel...

Bongino blasts de Blasio’s liberal agenda on policing: ‘He’s either really dumb or this is a plan

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ARE NYPD OFFICERS RUSHING TO RETIRE AMID CITY'S ANTI-COP CLIMATE? とボンジーノ: Are these things liberals pretend not to know or are they just really dumb? I mean how did you think that attacking the police officers c...

The Chauvin trial produced a new liberal icon

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The conviction last week of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd was undoubtedly a massive moment for Floyd's family, for the state of Minnesota and for the broader fight ag...

トミ・ラーレンは若い民主党員について怒鳴った後、リベラルな漫画ビル・マーを賞賛します’ 「愚かな考え’

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マハー, 65, 彼のプログラムで言った "リアルタイム" その若い進歩的な民主党員の共産主義に対する賞賛, 社会主義, 法執行機関等の廃止は "愚か" 危険です. "あなたはこの会社の広告主がなぜか知っています。.

ダンゲイナー: ティムスコットのスピーチはリベラルなメディア暴徒からの根本的な反応を引き起こします. 彼らもそれを聞きましたか?

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スコットは、バイデンがどのように国を統一することを約束したが、反対のことをしたかについて話しました. 彼の演説はワシントンポストを微妙に批判した "ファクトチェッカー" スコットの提案をしてくれたグレン・ケスラー "家族の貧困は実際には私的なものでした。.

その. Tim Scott predicts ‘coming backlash to this liberal oppressionon ‘Hannity

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"私の考えでは, what they’re fueling is a backlash," Scott told host Sean Hannity. "I don’t know if they realize it or not, but at some point people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and they start reacting ...

Liberal media largely ignores ‘Uncle Timslurs against Tim Scott after his Biden response

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スコット, the lone Black Republican in the U.S. 上院, infuriated progressives with his speech, which included remarks that the United States isn't a racist country. After his rebuttal, "Uncle Tim" trended on Twitter, ...

How Biden is as liberal as he said he’d be

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今週の投票: A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that 48% of Americans say President Joe Biden's views on most issues are just about right, 一方 40% say his views are too liberal and 7% say too conservat...

マケニーはジュリアーニの撤回をめぐってリベラルなメディアを非難する: 匿名の調達「エピデミック’

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今すぐ, ワシントンポスト, ジュリアーニがFBIロシアに警告ケイリー・マケナニーを手に入れたと報じたNBCニュースの撤回: 見て, アメリカのジャーナリズムには流行があり、それは匿名の調達です, 多くの場合、単一の匿名s ...

フレッドフライツ: CIAの「目覚めた’ ビデオ — リベラルなリーニングエージェンシーを軌道に戻す方法は次のとおりです

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多くのアメリカ人は、CIAが政治的正しさと極左政治に焦点を当てたビデオを制作する理由に戸惑いました. しかし、CIAアナリストとして働いた人として 19 年, 見てから驚かなかった。.

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