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Liberals wail after Musk says he would reinstate Trump on Twitter: ‘This hellsite could become even worse’

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Leftists including Keith Olbermann, Dean Obeidallah and others reacted viciously to the thought that the brash 45th president could be allowed back on Twitter. During an interview with The Financial Times on Tuesday,...

Tucker: Modern liberals hate Christianity, not because it’s repressive, but because they are

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Over the past half-century, many have acknowledged that, including many pro-choice Democrats, including Joe Biden. So, op hierdie punt, 49 years in, if you're an office holder who supports legal abortion, the obvious s...

Liberals cast doubt on SCOTUS after Roe v. Wade leak

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SUPREME THREAT - Massive fence goes up around high court as justice cancels public appearance amid protests. Continue reading … MOSCOW'S MISSTEP - Top US military official relays 'worst' mistake Russia made before i...

Piers Morgan: Cancel culture is a form of the fascism that woke liberals ‘say they hate most in life

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MORGAN: This new cancel culture is in a way, it's a form of the very fascism that these so-called liberals who profess to be woke - it's a very form of fascism they say they hate most in life. So, they're going aroun...

After SCOTUS abortion draft leak, liberals unload on Sen. Collins for 2018 Kavanaugh vote: ‘F— SUSAN COLLINS’

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Op daardie stadium, Collins tried to assuage critics of her vote by saying, "I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v. Wade," but now that it appears that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court are ...

Bill Burr says Gina Carano’s ‘Mandalorianfiring was unfair: ‘Liberals proved her point

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Burr worked alongside Carano on "Die Mandalorian" until she was fired by Disney. Carano continuously received backlash online over controversial tweets. The final straw occurred when the actress compared the current ...

Hannity: Liberals are on day two of a full fledged public meltdown

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SEAN HANNITY: It is official. Twitter is under new ownership. Binnekort, Elon Musk will take the reins of the social media giant and is vowing to improve the platform, hy sê, by making algorithms open source to increase...

Olbermann, ander liberale bied Disney 'eenvoudige oplossing': 'Beweeg’ multi-miljard dollar operasie van Florida

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Die Florida-staatwetgewer het vandeesweek 'n wetsontwerp goedgekeur wat Disney se meer as 50-jarige selfregerende status ontbind nadat die maatskappy in die openbaar met Republikeine gestry het oor 'n ouerregtewetsontwerp wat onderteken is..

Caitlyn Jenner pans liberalsMusk outrage: If Elon wanted to buy my company, ‘I’d be so excited

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Aan "Hannity," the Fox News contributor said Musk's track record with Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX tells the story best. Jenner noted Musk essentially "built a better product" than the federal government's NASA when he gr...

Twitter liberals draw comparisons between Elon Musk and Nazis, ekstremisme, World War 3

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City University of New York Professor Jeff Jarvis likened the day of the announcement on Twitter to the final days of Germany’s government before the Nazis came to power. The tweet said this: "Today on Twitter feels ...

Clay Travis on liberalsmeltdown over Elon Musk: ‘Think about how crazy this is

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TWITTER STAFFERS VENT ONLINE OVER ELON MUSK’S TAKEOVER ATTEMPT, TECH INSIDER SAYS SOME LIKELY ‘SUPER EXCITED' CLAY TRAVIS: The reason why there is a meltdown and this is very important, is because what Elon musk is t...

Al Sharpton goes off on ‘limousine liberals,’ DC ‘elitesignoring crime: They ‘don’t live in the real world

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Tydens 'n verskyning op "Oggend Joe," the left-wing host argued that Democrats were losing support from minorities because they didn't understand what it was like to live a life like those dealing with crime, rising...

Chief Justice Roberts joins with liberals to criticize ‘shadow docketas court reinstates Trump-era EPA rule

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A 5-4 Supreme Court reinstated a Trump-era rule Wednesday that restricts the authority of states to reject federal permits under the Clean Water Act in another ruling putting the court's emergency docket in the spot...

Jason Rantz slams liberals‘absolutely ridiculousattacks on Gov. DeSantis: They ‘call everybody a bigot

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FLORIDA PARENTAL RIGHTS BILL POPULAR DESPITE DEMOCRATIC ATTEMPTS TO LABEL IT ‘DON’T SAY GAY' JASON RANTZ: This is absolutely ridiculous. What we've seen over the course of the COVID lockdowns and remote learning is t...

Liberals blast CBS News over hiring Mick Mulvaney as contributor: ‘Pathetic and despicable

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Eric Feigl Ding, an epidemiologist and co-founder of the World Health Network, said he was going to "boycott" CBS and tagged Susan Zirinisky, CBS News president and CEO, asking her what she was thinking. He also said...

Gingrich on liberalsmisjudgment of Putin: They thought ‘The Lion Kingwas a ‘documentary

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In an interview airing Sunday on "Lewe, Vryheid & Levin", Gingrich explained how Americans were given a preview of how the left would handle Putin's latest violation of international norms when they watched Democ...

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