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The new liberals are actually illiberal: イングラム

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"Liberals used to believe in more - 少なくない - スピーチ, and they were defenders of the First Amendment and the rights of defendants," 彼女は言いました. "They were suspicious of over-zealous prosecutors. They were wary of elit...

Liberals attack Supreme Court after it puts off ruling in Texas abortion case

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"The Supreme Court has allowed Texas’s abhorrent anti-abortion law to remain in effect for 83 日々," Demand Justice, a pro-court-packing organization run by former Obama administration staffers, ツイート. "We cannot k...

「Let’s Go Brandon」は、左をイライラさせます, しかし、リベラル派は前政権の間に下品なレトリックで祝われました

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NASCAR XfinityシリーズレースのNBCレポーターがスタンドのファンが唱えていると誤って報告した後、このフレーズは先月インターネットでセンセーションを巻き起こしました。 "ブランドンに行こう" ドライバーブラの勝利に続いて。.

Biden’s 85-vehicle motorcade a textbook example of hypocrisy from ‘limousine liberals’: Boothe

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"The issue of climate change is a limousine liberal issue," Boothe said. "The Republican Party has turned into the party for the American worker, and Democrats are the party for coastal elites. This issue alone under...

ジョーコンチャ: As radicals seize Democratic Party, these liberals may be the only voice of reason left

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The voices of reason in the Democratic Party are … Bill Maher and Jon Stewart? The loudest voices on the Blue side of the aisle are folks like Democratic Reps. アレクサンドリアオカシオコルテス, N.Y., イルハン・オマル, ミン。, アダム ...

Dan Bongino on ‘Fox & 友達の: Only liberals ‘scratching their headsover explosion of crime in US cities

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UNRULY CROWD IN PHILADELPHIA GATHERS OUTSIDE CITY HALL, PERFORM DONUTS AROUND POLICE CRUISER DAN BONGINO: Think about how we got here. Isn't it disturbing we're even having this conversation? … One of the things we k...


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マケインは離れて歩いた "景色" 彼女はワシントンに定住するのを楽しんだので先月, D.C. コロナウイルスのパンデミック以来、彼女の家族と一緒にいて、ニューヨークを拠点とするプログラムのために彼女の人生を再びひっくり返したくありませんでした。.

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: 自由主義者が働くとき, 彼らは物事を破壊します

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それは本当です - 最新のハーバード/ハリス世論調査によると, トランプはに上昇しました 48 パーセント, バイデンはに落ちた 46. バイデンはどうですか 46? 通常の世界では, 彼は 2% - すぐ前 "竜巻で家を失う。" うん– ...

Open warfare breaks out between liberals and moderates over Biden agenda

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Tensions are reaching a boiling point for Democrats as intense divisions between liberals and moderates threaten to derail key pillars of President Joe Biden's agenda and factions within the party increasingly cast ...

Hungary’s Viktor Orban tells Tucker Carlson: ‘Western liberals can’t acceptright-wing dissent

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During a town hall in 2020, Biden accused then-President Donald Trump of palling around with "all the thugs in the world": "You see what’s happening from Belarus through Poland and Hungary and the rise of totalitaria...


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新しいガイダンスでは、少なくとも報告しているコミュニティの屋内でマスクを推奨しています 50 あたりの新しいケース 100,000 7日間の人々. ジョンズホプキンス大学のデータは、米国中にそのようなホットスポットがあることを示しています。, だが ...

マーク・ステイン: Virtue-signaling liberals receive a letter

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マーク・ステイン, FOXニュースホスト: Good evening and welcome to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. I'm Mark Steyn, in for Tucker, who is taking a quiet fishing weekend, but he will be dropping by momentarily.Ch...

Ingraham slams Biden’s Philadelphia voter rights speech: ‘As usual, liberals are at war with the facts

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彼のスピーチ中に, Biden called "the assault on free and fair election" A "脅威" and claimed Americans are facing the "most significant test of democracy since the Civil War." Biden went on to specifically call out...

Big Tech will censor liberals next if Congress doesn’t act: 担当者. Ken Buck

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それを読んで: TRUMP LAWSUITS AGAINST TWITTER, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE OVER ALLEGED BIG TECH CENSORSHIP REP. KEN BUCK: [前者] President Trump has said at rally after rally that we need to break these tech companies up. And we a...

ボンジーノ: Liberals ‘aren’t stupid,’ ‘deliberatelyallowing a rise in crime

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"If you had a wish list of things that you were intentionally trying to cause chaos and anarchy [と] in the cities in a destructive situation where people’s lives were in danger every day, the liberals running Amer...

NYポスト編集委員会: July 4th attacks – why do liberals, media take such joy in trashing America?

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One thing’s for certain: You’re sure to get plenty of clicks for saying everything that used to be patriotic is now proof the United States is bigoted, no matter that we live in one of the most diverse nations on ear...

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