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John Roberts sides with the liberals on mail-in voting but things may change once Barrett arrives

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As another high-stakes confrontation between Democrats and Republicans went down to the wire, Chief Justice John Roberts again crept left and sided with the liberals. Roberts' vote on Monday night, in a ballot dispu...

Did 2020 prove that liberals can’t win?

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をきっかけに 2020 選挙 -- and disappointing seat losses in the House -- congressional Democrats are in the midst of an intensifying battle between its moderate and liberal wings. Moderates like Rep. Abigai...

The Democrat liberals love to hate

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[object Window], after CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported that former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was under consideration to be Transportation secretary in the Biden administration, liberals quickly made clear how much they h...

Supreme Court’s liberals face a new era of conservative dominance

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Progressives led by President-elect Joe Biden will soon take over the White House, but at the Supreme Court, liberalism has reached a historically low ebb. A court that drove liberal social change for decades is no...

Liberals ramp up calls for Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire after he panned court packing in speech

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The calls come in the wake of a speech Breyer gave to Harvard Law School students and alumni earlier this week when he warned that court packing – a term for adding seats to the Supreme Court to change its political ...

Liberals erupted on Tim Scott for saying America isn’t racist, but Kamala Harris agrees

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"まず第一に, 番号, I don't think America is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today," she said on ABC News, praising President Biden for...

Tyrus rips liberals‘casual racismafter attacks on Tim Scott

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ITS. TIM SCOTT PREDICTS 'ING BACKLASH TO THIS LIBERAL OPPRESSION' ON 'HANNITY' GEORGE "TYRUS" MURDOCH: We’re just seeing this casual racism by the liberal side and their back fall is that we’re still stuck in the Jim...

Tomi Lahren on the appearance that drew backlash, protests from ‘anti-free speech liberalsin ‘Back the Blue

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As seen in the special, Lahren delivered a scathing rebuke to the "snowflakes" attempting to shut down the event, reaffirming that she would not be deterred from speaking at the South Carolina-based University. "彼ら...

テキサス共和党議員が自由主義者を非難’ '二重基準’ ティム・スコットの批判について

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下院共和党会議のパットファロンの対象であるティムスコットを対象とした人種差別用語に対するテキサス州民主党の対応: 何を教えます, テキサス州の民主党員が二重基準を持っていなかった場合, 彼らには全く基準がないでしょう. ...

イングラム: Liberals use your problems and ‘shiny object’sto push their ideology

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イングラム: 事実は, its painfully obvious that Democrats and their media flunkies are totally disinterested in solving the problems facing middle America. If you drive less because gas is too high, 良い. They hate...

Bongino rips liberals like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Squad members for supporting Hamas terrorists

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とボンジーノ, TREY GOWDY TO HOST NEW FOX NEWS WEEKEND SHOWS DAN BONGINO: This is not complicated to understand. Only if you're dense or a liberal are you having a tough time with what’s going on right now. It reminds ...

Lahren praises DeSantisBig Tech censorship ban, says liberals should feel the benefits too

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Lahren said Tuesday that DeSantis has "gone to bat for freedom and against censorship with his Big Tech Bill, leading the way and proving that leadership still exists in government." "Zuckerberg and pals should be sh...

ダン・ボンジーノ: Serious question, why do liberals live in an alternate universe when it comes to crime?

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Bongino was responding to the latest Fox News poll which reported that 73% of participants believe crime has spiked in light of nationwide calls to defund the police. より多い 7 に 10 voters think crime is on the ri...


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この問題は連邦法を中心に展開しています–タイトルIX, 連邦政府の支援を受けている教育プログラムによる性別による差別を禁止する公民権法. 法律は宗教学校を免除しているf ...

ダン・ボンジーノは、資金繰りの警察への支援をめぐってリベラル派とメディアを引き裂く: 「私に講義しないでください’

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とボンジーノ: 自由主義は「森林火災」であり、それは「アメリカを破壊する」ダン・ボンジーノです。: 私たちは何がうまくいくか知っています. あなたたちはニューヨークにいますそれはリベラル派が何がうまくいくのかわからないようではありません. 彼らはそれを知っています, 彼らは生きました。.

Liberals rejoice over Donald Rumsfeld’s death: ‘Wish there was somewhere worse he could go

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"For those too young to know, Donald Rumsfeld was an atrocious human being whose legacy is engineering unlawful, 悲惨な & unnecessary wars that continue to traumatize generations. He had no remorse or contrit...

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