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Judge Jeanine defends Border Patrol against Biden’s ‘lies

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JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: Hierdie week, the Biden administration told us that thousands of Haitians camped under that bridge in Del Rio, Texas face immediate expulsion to Haiti. But the Associated Press says those same illeg...

McEnany rips Biden officials for ‘lie after lieabout border crisis: ‘We all see these lies

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26 MAYORS DEMAND BIDEN MEETING OVER BORDER CRISIS KAYLEIGH MCENANY: It's simply amazing. Soos [Biden s'n] saying this, what is happening on the Hill is Senator Hawley is grilling Mayorkas, who is testifying about his pla...

John Kennedy on ‘Fox & Vriende: Biden admin ‘lies like they breatheabout illegal immigration

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BIDEN'S FAA PLACES TEMPORARY BAN ON DRONES FLYING OVER BRIDGE PACKED WITH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They're like time...

GOP congressman erupts at Blinken during Afghanistan hearing: ‘We don’t need to hear lies

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Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., who lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan, got into a heated exchange with Blinken as the congressman's allotted time to question the secretary of state drew to a close. Mast sla...

Congressman exposes Biden’s lies after rescuing stranded Americans

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Host Rachel Campos-Duffy opened her show about the new emails which reveal the State Department "refused to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan to land in third world countries." F ...

Bongino lists all the lies, een vir een, President Biden told about Afghanistan

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MILLEY: AFGHAN FORCES ‘NOT DESIGNED APPROPIATELY’ TO SECURE NATION IN ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ FOLLOWING WITHDRAWAL Dan Bongino: Let's stop not play any word game nonsense, Joe Biden is a liar. That means he lies about stu...

Grenell oor Afghaanse onttrekking, 'Leuens': 'Die politiek van Washington DC het Amerikaners letterlik doodgemaak’

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Grenell vertel "Fox News Primetime" die nuus oor die oproep van president Biden in Julie met die destydse Afghaanse president, Ashraf Ghani, waarin hy gedink het "persepsie verander", sowel as die vrolike boodskappe van die ...

Wisconsin man, 23, spun ‘web of liesafter killing, dismembering his parents, sê owerhede

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Die verdagte, Chandler Halderson, of Windsor, didn't speak during a roughly two-minute hearing before Dane County Circuit Judge John Hyland. Halderson, 23, reported his parents, Bart, 50, and Krista, 53, missing on Ju...

Die weerstand van die Taliban lê weer in die hande van die Panjshir -vallei in Afghanistan

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Weerstandsakke het reeds in die Panjshir -vallei ontstaan, wat nog nie onder beheer van die Taliban is nie. Leiers daar poog om steun onder die bevolking te versamel om weerstand te bied teen wat baie meen dat dit 'n reël is..

Tucker Carlson: If you need proof the media lies, look at how they treat Hungary

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Hungary is a small country in the middle of Central Europe. It has no navy, it has nuclear weapons. Its GDP is smaller than New York State’s. You wouldn’t think leaders in Washington would pay much attention to Hunga...

China claims US report on coronavirus origins based on ‘concocted lies and distorted facts

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"The relevant report, totally based on the concocted lies and distorted facts without providing any evidence, is not credible or scientific," a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry department said in a statement...

Joe Concha details ’18-wheelerBiden’s history of lies, the media’s silence is deafening

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President Biden can basically say whatever he wants -- and get away with it! So, are we starting to catch on that maybe -- just maybe – the 46th president of the United States isn't the second coming of George Washi...

McAuliffe attacks Youngkin by tying him to Trump’s election lies

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Virginia's Terry McAuliffe, in an effort to tie his gubernatorial opponent, Glenn Youngkin, to all things Donald Trump, is now linking the Republican nominee to the former President's top focus: so-called election i...

Pompeius: Future of GOP lies in upholding faith-based virtues

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Pompeo will be the featured speaker for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute's "Time for Choosing" Speaker Series. The Simi Valley, California-based library is hosting many prominent GOP figures an...

Personal threats, election lies and punishing new laws rattle election officials, raising fears of a mass exodus

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Maribeth Witzel-Behl had run elections in Madison, Wisconsin, vir 15 years when the 2020 election arrived, bringing challenges like no other: a global pandemic, a crushing workload, lawsuits and a recount. Then the ...

Goewerneur. Kemp ontplof Kamala Harris’ leuens oor die stemreg van Georgië: ‘Die waarheid is aan ons kant’

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BOVENSTE HOF STEUN ARIZONA BESKERMING VAN BEDRYF GOV. BRIAN KEMP: Ons het die waarheid aan ons kant. Nou lieg die vise-president soos die president oor die wet van Georgië. Ons tel eintlik die hoeveelheid dae by ...

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