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‘The Undoingfeatures Nicole Kidman in a mystery that feels like ‘Big Little Lies Lite

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"The Undoing" owes debts to earlier high-class HBO miniseries, but the net effect feels like "Big Little Lies Lite." Reuniting Nicole Kidman and writer-producer David E. Kelley, the six-part production hinges on a m...

‘White Lies Mattergroup says it stole Jefferson Davis chair, will turn it into toilet unless demands are met

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The missing monument is a stone chair that was stolen from the Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma, Alabama last month. It was initially dedicated in 1893, four years after Davis’ death. In life, the former Confederate pr...

Biden comments about Georgia election law ‘incredibly irresponsibleand ‘based on lies’: Loeffler

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LOEFFLER: Su [De Joe Biden] comments were incredibly irresponsible, because he repeated misinformation that had been promulgated by Stacey Abrams, who’s promoting a multi-million dollar misinformation campaign in Geo...

Oficial jubilado negro critica "mentiras izquierdistas"’ sobre la policía: "Está lastimando a los negros’

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TATUM: "Deberían estar avergonzados de ellos mismos saliendo mintiendo sobre este oficial de policía y mintiendo sobre esa chica (Ma'Khia Bryant). Esa chica tenía un cuchillo en la mano y se estaba preparando para apuñalar a otro joven gi negro..

Bongino lists all the lies, one by one, President Biden told about Afghanistan

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MILLEY: AFGHAN FORCES ‘NOT DESIGNED APPROPIATELY’ TO SECURE NATION IN ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ FOLLOWING WITHDRAWAL Dan Bongino: Let's stop not play any word game nonsense, Joe Biden is a liar. That means he lies about stu...

China claims US report on coronavirus origins based on ‘concocted lies and distorted facts

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"The relevant report, totally based on the concocted lies and distorted facts without providing any evidence, is not credible or scientific," a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry department said in a statement...

Congressman exposes Biden’s lies after rescuing stranded Americans

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Host Rachel Campos-Duffy opened her show about the new emails which reveal the State Department "refused to grant official approval for private evacuation flights from Afghanistan to land in third world countries." F...

Los demócratas son maestros de la "carta racial"’ mentiras y culpar a otros: Leo Terrell asume el aumento de los delitos violentos

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FUNCIONARIO DE SAN FRANCISCO DA DICE QUE LOS TEMORES A LA MARCHA DEL CRIMEN VINCULAN AL RACISMO LEO TERRELL: Los demócratas son maestros en mentir sobre la carta racial y son maestros y culpan a otros. Mirar, seamos honestos. Es triste. En demócrata ....

Deroy Murdock: Mitch McConnell collapses beneath Democrat debt-limit lies

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Yet again, as Democrats are dazed, dividido, y desesperado, the Senate Republican leader rides to their rescue. DEROY MURDOCK: BIDEN'S $ 3.5T SPENDING SPREE SHOWS A 7-YEAR-OLD'S TAKE ON MATH McConnell, Kentucky’s s...

Georgia election official warns Biden to stop ‘liesabout voting law: ‘Someone is going to get hurt

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And once again, he claimed, it is due to "desinformación" coming from an American president. In a new Washington Post op-ed, Sterling recalled how he faced death threats and was concerned about violence as then-Presi...

Congresista republicano irrumpe en Blinken durante audiencia en Afganistán: "No necesitamos escuchar mentiras’

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Reps. Brian Mast, R-Fla., que perdió ambas piernas mientras servía en Afganistán, tuvo un acalorado intercambio con Blinken cuando el tiempo asignado por el congresista para interrogar al secretario de estado llegó a su fin. Lechuga de mástil..

Gobernador. Kemp blasts Kamala Harrislies about Georgia voting law: ‘Truth is on our side

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SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS ARIZONA VOTER FRAUD PROTECTIONS GOV. BRIAN KEMP: We have the truth on our side. Now the vice president's lying like the president has been about Georgia's law. We actually add the amount of days...

Greg Gutfeld: What the news denies is where the truth lies

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I like what the news denies because that is where the truth lies. Take this brawl at the Miami International Airport! It's simply amazing. Por supuesto, it's all on video. Y, like a rash I got on spring break, it's g...

Grenell sobre la retirada afgana, 'mentiras': "La política de Washington DC literalmente ha matado a los estadounidenses’

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Grenell dijo "Horario estelar de Fox News" la noticia de la llamada telefónica de julio del presidente Biden con el entonces presidente afgano Ashraf Ghani en la que pensó que "cambiar la percepción", así como los mensajes optimistas del ...

Hannity: Biden ‘fueling vicious, divisivo, racial rhetoricwith lies about Georgia election law

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HANNITY: The endless hate, rage, hysteria, and misinformation from Joe Biden, the media mob, Demócratas, and the woke corporate cowards is hitting new levels of derangement and psychosis. "[T]he outright lies that are...

How the GOP lies about the US Capitol insurrection and 2020 election are related

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The events of January 6 and its aftermath can be difficult to fathom. A number of Republicans don't seem to comprehend them at all. They have fallen back on the lies that the riots we all saw on television and onlin...

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