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Madonna lies across desk, flashes audience on ‘Tonight Show’

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Madonna wreaked havoc during her appearance on "今夜のショー" Thursday when she crawled across host Jimmy Fallon’s desk and flashed her tush to the audience. ザ・ "マテリアルガール" 歌手, 63, stopped by the late-n...

デロイ・マードック: ミッチ・マコーネルが民主党の債務制限の嘘の下で崩壊

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再び, 民主党員がぼんやりしているように, 分割, そして必死に, 上院共和党の指導者が彼らの救助に乗ります. デロワ・マードック: バイデン $ 3.5T SPENDING SPREEは、7歳の数学マコーネルの見解を示しています, ケンタッキーのs ...

Judge Jeanine defends Border Patrol against Biden’s ‘lies

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ジャッジ・ジェニー・ピロ: 今週, the Biden administration told us that thousands of Haitians camped under that bridge in Del Rio, Texas face immediate expulsion to Haiti. But the Associated Press says those same illeg...

McEnany rips Biden officials for ‘lie after lie’ 国境危機について: ‘We all see these lies

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26 MAYORS DEMAND BIDEN MEETING OVER BORDER CRISIS KAYLEIGH MCENANY: It's simply amazing. なので [バイデンの] saying this, what is happening on the Hill is Senator Hawley is grilling Mayorkas, who is testifying about his pla...

John Kennedy on ‘Fox & 友達の: Biden admin ‘lies like they breatheabout illegal immigration

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バイデンのFAAは、不法移民のセンが詰め込まれた橋の上を飛んでいるドローンに一時的な禁止措置を講じています. ジョン・ケネディ: When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They're like time...

共和党議員がアフガニスタンの公聴会中にブリンケンで噴火: 「私たちは嘘を聞く必要はありません’

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担当者. ブライアンマスト, R-Fla。, アフガニスタンで奉仕中に両足を失った人, 国務長官に質問するために議員が割り当てられた時間が終わりに近づいたとき、ブリンケンとの激しい交換に入った. マストレタス...


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ホストのレイチェルカンポス-ダフィーは、国務省を明らかにする新しい電子メールについての彼女のショーを開きました "アフガニスタンから第三世界の国々に上陸するための私的避難飛行の公式承認を与えることを拒否した。" F.。.

Bongino lists all the lies, one by one, President Biden told about Afghanistan

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ミリー: AFGHAN FORCES ‘NOT DESIGNED APPROPIATELY’ TO SECURE NATION IN ‘LESSONS LEARNED’ FOLLOWING WITHDRAWAL Dan Bongino: Let's stop not play any word game nonsense, Joe Biden is a liar. That means he lies about stu...

Grenell on Afghan withdrawal, ‘lies’: ‘Washington DC’s politics has literally killed Americans

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Grenell told "フォックスニュースプライムタイム" the news of President Biden's reported July phone call with then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in which he thought would "change perception", as well as the upbeat messaging from the...

Wisconsin man, 23, spun ‘web of liesafter killing, dismembering his parents, 当局は言う

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容疑者, Chandler Halderson, of Windsor, didn't speak during a roughly two-minute hearing before Dane County Circuit Judge John Hyland. Halderson, 23, reported his parents, Bart, 50, and Krista, 53, missing on Ju...


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パンジシール渓谷にはすでに抵抗のポケットが生まれています, これはまだタリバンの管理下にありません. そこにいる指導者たちは、多くの人が再会すると信じていることに抵抗するために、国民の間で支持を集めようとしています。.

タッカーカールソン: メディアが嘘をついている証拠が必要な場合, 彼らがハンガリーをどのように扱っているか見てください

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Hungary is a small country in the middle of Central Europe. 海軍はありません, 核兵器を持っています. Its GDP is smaller than New York State’s. You wouldn’t think leaders in Washington would pay much attention to Hunga...

China claims US report on coronavirus origins based on ‘concocted lies and distorted facts

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"The relevant report, totally based on the concocted lies and distorted facts without providing any evidence, is not credible or scientific," a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry department said in a statement...

Joe Concha details ’18-wheelerBiden’s history of lies, the media’s silence is deafening

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President Biden can basically say whatever he wants -- and get away with it! そう, are we starting to catch on that maybe -- just maybe – the 46th president of the United States isn't the second coming of George Washi...

McAuliffe attacks Youngkin by tying him to Trump’s election lies

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Virginia's Terry McAuliffe, in an effort to tie his gubernatorial opponent, Glenn Youngkin, to all things Donald Trump, is now linking the Republican nominee to the former President's top focus: so-called election i...

ポンペイ: Future of GOP lies in upholding faith-based virtues

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Pompeo will be the featured speaker for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute's "選択の時間" Speaker Series. The Simi Valley, California-based library is hosting many prominent GOP figures an...

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