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Southwest passengers booted over mask dispute get a lift from small-plane pilot

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Erik Harvey posted a video on Facebook saying he, his wife Michelle, and son Jackson, 2, were set to embark on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Austin on April 1. Prior to their trip, the family practiced h...

Young hits runner with 0.9 left to lift Hawks past Knicks

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Young heard the fans' hate. Then he silenced them. "I've always looked at it that I'm doing something right if I'm affecting them with my play that much that they hate me that much," 彼は言った. "I'm obviously doing som...

For Thanksgiving Day, Zoom will lift its 40-minute time limit for free meetings

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The holidays are upon us and one tech company is already in the giving spirit. Zoom announced it will lift its timed meeting limit on Thanksgiving so "your family gatherings don't get cut short." The video communi...

マルチネス, Renfroe lift Red Sox over Royals 6-2 amid delays

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First pitch was pushed back 41 minutes and umpires stopped play for 1 時間, 56 minutes in the middle of the sixth, but the teams managed to play nine innings. ペレス (6-4) allowed two runs on seven hits over 5 1/3 inn...

Stroman’s 8 イニング, backhand grab lift Mets over Rox 2-1

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J.D. Davis delivered an RBI single and Jeff McNeil had an RBI groundout for the Mets, who have won five of their last six, including two of three at Coors Field this weekend. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . Ch...

ソーサのバット, オニールのグローブリフト カーディナルスがドジャースに勝利 3-2

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カージナルスにとっては報われる勝利だった, 試合前にジャック・フラハーティを知ったのは, 彼らのエースの右腕, マネージャーのマイク・シールドが「 "重要な" 斜め注入...

Rachel Zoe says her son survived 40-foot fall from ski lift

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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is sharing a terrible scare her family went through after her 9-year-old son fell 40 feet from a ski lift. Zoe didn't say when it happened but it appears to have been recent. She provi...

Pressure mounts on Biden administration to lift restrictions on US borders

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A group of mayors recently pressed US immigration officials on Covid-19-related travel restrictions that remain in effect and threaten to further hurt their local economies. The question on their minds: Why has cros...

ガルシア, Arihara lift Rangers over Angels 6-4

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Texas eclipsed its entire output from a three-game home series against Baltimore over the weekend, when it totaled just four runs. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "These guys have been working hard and we’ve h...

カリフォルニア州政府. ニューサム氏、6月に非常事態宣言を解除しないと発言 15

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6月に彼に広範な緊急権限を与える命令を解除するかどうか尋ねられた 15, 彼がほとんどのCOVID制限を解除すると彼が言った日, ニューサムは言った: "緊急事態宣言は6月以降も継続 15." "一つのこと ...

Trump to lift Covid-19 related travel restrictions before he leaves office, White House official says

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President Donald Trump is expected to lift coronavirus-related travel restrictions starting on January 26, nearly a week after he leaves office, a White House official said Monday. The White House official said Trum...

イドリス・アデバヨのバナープラン: マイアミで元気を取り戻すためにオリンピックの金を獲得する

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ヒートのメンバーとして獲得したオリンピックの金メダルを記念します. そして、BamAdebayoは1つを望んでいます. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ヒートセンターと彼のUSAバスケットボールチームメイト—フロリダにクリアされた人々。.

Scherzer’s 9 K’s, Avila RBI double lift Nats past Cards 1-0

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シャーザー (1-1) 引退 12 of his last 13 ねり粉, working in short sleeves as gusts of air topping 30 mph rippled his white jersey and sent napkins and other debris twirling around Nationals Park on a 50-degree late ...

マルシェソー, Pacioretty の得点が遅く、ベガスが Avs を超えた

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彼の言葉は本当の金曜の夜に響いた. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . ジョナサン・マルケッソーとマックス・パシオレティが得点 45 第 3 ピリオドの後半に 2 秒間隔でベガスを 3-2 コロラド アバに勝利...

Biden set to meet with first Black defense secretary as administration is poised to lift transgender military ban

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President Joe Biden is set to meet Monday morning with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, as the President is poised to repeal a Trump-era ban on most transgender Americans joining the military as early as Monday. Pr ...

重量挙げ選手のローレルハバードが、オリンピックに出場する最初のトランスジェンダーの女性になりました, リフトの登録に失敗する

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ニュージーランドのウェイトリフター、ローレルハバードは、月曜日のオリンピックの125年の歴史の中で、女性のスーパーヘビー級+ 87kgのリフトを登録できなかったため、トランスジェンダーの女性として初めて出場しました。.

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