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White House says ‘limitedwall construction is funded, despite overall pause

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"Wall construction remains paused to the extent permitted by law. So some has already been funded through congressional authorization and funding allocation," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. ARIZO...

Jamie Foxx set to play Mike Tyson in a limited series

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Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson in a limited series. The project is named, "Tyson," and Martin Scorsese is set to executive produce, a representative for Tyson confirmed to CNN. It had originally been planned as a m...

Vir eens, America’s polarizing extremities are not limited to its politics

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Dit is uit Februarie uittreksel 17 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. It's cold out there. A severe blas...

Congressional inaugural committee announces attendance will be limited for Biden’s inauguration

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Washington The congressional committee tasked with overseeing the presidential inauguration announced Wednesday planned limitations on the number of guests in attendance for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration n...

Pepsi made a limited apple pie-flavored cola and there’s just one way to get it

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching and Christmas right around the corner, Pepsi unveiled a limited edition apple pie-flavored cola on Tuesday. There's just one catch: You can't buy this seasonal drop in stores -- 'n ...

Oreo het reënboogkoekies met beperkte uitgawe geskep om LGBTQ + History Month te vier

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OREO en PFLAG het 'n beperkte uitgawe reënboogkoekie uitgereik ter viering van die LGBTQ + History Month. Die koekies sal nie in die winkels verkoop word nie en sal eerder aan fans gegee word "beloon handelinge vir die LGB ...

Denver Broncos will allow a limited number of fans, joining several NFL teams in welcoming spectators

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The Denver Broncos announced Tuesday that a limited number of fan can attend home games at Empower Field at Mile High beginning with their second home game on September 27. Aanvanklik, attendance will be capped at 5,...