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Mayorkas orders ICE to stop worksite raids, in latest limits on immigration enforcement

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"The deployment of mass worksite operations, sometimes resulting in the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of workers, was not focused on the most pernicious aspect of our country’s unauthorized employment challenge: ex...

Australia’s energy minister dismisses call for tougher carbon emission limits on polluters

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Melbourne, AustraliaAustralia's energy minister on Monday rejected a call from the lobby group for the country's biggest companies to set stricter emissions limits on polluters but gave no indication what targets the...

Lewis Hamilton limits damage to F1 title defense as Valtteri Bottas wins Turkish Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas, who started in pole positiion, cruised to win the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday as his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton finished fifth to limit the damage to his Formula One title defense. Starting t...

Gov. Texas. Abbott says his state is bypassing Biden admin limits on lifesaving COVID monoclonal antibodies

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"Texas has obtained its own separate allocation of these monoclonal antibody treatments working around the limitations that President Biden has put on us so that we will be able to ensure that anybody in the state of...

Nicki Minaj and the limits of celebrity influence over Covid-19 messaging

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Washington Those Nicki Minaj tweets? Let's talk about them. Maandag, Minaj said that her cousin in Trinidad, where the superstar is from, "won't get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His test...

Justice Department limits use of chokeholds and ‘no-knockwarrants

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Federal law enforcement officers will be prohibited from using chokeholds and "carotid restraints" unless deadly force is authorized and will be severely limited from using no-knock entries, the Justice Department a...

Jonathan Turley: Biden’s Constitution workarounds – president doesn’t seem to see limits for government

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From abortions to elections to rents, Biden is seeking to federalize huge areas to displace state law. Not since John Adams and his Federalist Party has the country faced such a fundamental challenge to our system of...

Bryan Danielson on WWE departure: ‘I want to be able to push my limits

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Danielson, who was known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, came out to address Kenny Omega after his title defense against Christian Cage. Danielson came out after Cole, who appeared to join Omega’s faction. CLICK HERE FOR MOR...

‘House of Gucci’ trailer sees Lady Gaga push fashion brand to the limits

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Nearly three years after taking audiences by storm in "A Star is Born," Gaga has found her second leading role in MGM’s "House of Gucci." The film’s first trailer dropped Thursday evening and showcases the "911" sing...

There may be more Olympians who identify as LGBTQ than ever before. But there are limits to inclusion

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Die 2020 Summer Olympic Games are already historic, and not just because they're taking place a year later than scheduled. This year's Olympics feature, met een telling, more participants who identify as LGBTQ than at ...

EPA to impose new limits on wastewater pollution from coal power plants

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday it intends to set more stringent standards on water pollution from coal power plants, reinstating regulations that the Trump administration had rolled back. Dit is ...

Rep. Biggs slams ‘unacceptable’ limits on ICE arrests, accuses Biden admin of ‘dismantling’ handhawing

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"Your actions to limit U.S. Immigrasie en Doeanehandhawing (ICE) ability to enforce immigration law are unacceptable and must be reversed," Biggs said in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorka...

UEFA faces scrutiny over varying capacity limits during Euro 2020 matches

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The UK government have allowed UEFA to expand capacity limits for the semifinal (Julie 6) and final (Julie 10) of the tournament to 45,000 at Wembley Stadium even with the ongoing threat of increased coronavirus exposu...

Hooggeregshof sê die perke van Arizona oortree nie die stemregwet nie

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Die hooggeregshof het Donderdag gesê twee bepalings van die Arizona-wetgewing wat beperk hoe stemme kan word, oortree nie die historiese Wet op Stemregte wat regulasies wat rassediskriminasie tot gevolg het, belemmer nie..

Tokyo Olympics to allow local fans — but with strict limits

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Organizers set a limit of 50% capacity — up to a maximum of 10,000 aanhangers, all of whom must be Japanese residents — for each Olympic venue, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors. Officials said that if corona...

Trump-era limits on asylum claims for victims of domestic and gang violence removed

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The Justice Department on Wednesday reversed two Trump-era immigration decisions that narrowed who could qualify for asylum, including an opinion that removed some protections for victims of domestic violence and ga...

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