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Why Mary Lincoln is as controversial as ever

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Catherine Clinton is the author of "Mev. Lincoln: A Life" en "Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom." She holds the Denman Chair of American History at the University of Texas in San Antonio and is professor emerita a...

3 lessons from the implosion of the Lincoln Project

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The Lincoln Project was one of the unlikeliest success stories of the Trump presidency -- a group of "never Trump" Republican consultants who banded together to fight against the 45th President's reelection race usi...

Lincoln-projek onder skoot oor die hantering van bewerings oor seksuele teistering teen medestigter

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Volgens die Lincoln-projek word 'n "buite professionele" om die ampstermyn van medestigter John Weaver te hersien te midde van bewerings dat hy jong mans seksueel teister. Die super PAC, wat foun was ...

San Francisco school board votes to rename 44 skole, including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington High Schools

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The San Francisco Unified School District voted this week to rename 44 schools named after controversial public figures, including former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and current Sen. Dianne Fein...

Taxidermy and a Lincoln bust among departing White House effects

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A pheasant took flight from the White House Thursday afternoon. Toted by Debbie Meadows, wife of White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the taxidermy bird was moved out of Meadows' West Wing office, among other b...

Boston removes statue of former slave kneeling before President Lincoln after 141 jare

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A Boston statue depicting a formerly enslaved man kneeling beneath President Abraham Lincoln was removed Tuesday morning, according to the mayor's office. Die "Emancipation Group" statue has stood in Park Square si...

Lincoln police officer Mario Herrera dies nearly two weeks after being shot while serving a warrant

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A Lincoln, Nebraska, police officer died early Monday, nearly two weeks after he was shot while trying to serve a warrant, the police department said. Investigator Mario Herrera, a 23-year veteran of the Lincoln Pol...