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Broadway shows ‘Lion King,’ ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Wickedset reopening dates

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Broadway will be back. Hit musicals "Hamilton," "Wicked" en "Die leeu koning" have announced they will return to the stage on Sept. 14. The news was announced Tuesday on "Goeie more Amerika" by cast members Alexan...

South Africa to clamp down on captive lion breeding

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JohannesburgSouth Africa will clamp down on captive lion breeding after a review panel concluded the industry risked the conservation of wild lions and harmed tourism, the environment minister said on Sunday. In die ...

Here is why March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (usually)

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If March's weather is anything like what roared through Texas and the rest of the central and southern US in February... we're in deep trouble. Dikwels, March's weather can be this ferocious. Have you ever heard of t...

Oakland Zoo takes in two more mountain lion cubs rescued from a California wildfire

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The Oakland Zoo has taken in two more mountain lion cubs rescued from the Zogg Fire in Northern California. The zoo introduced the two female cubs, who lost their mother in the fire, in a video posted Sunday on its...

Mountain lion cub rescued from California wildfire

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An orphaned mountain lion cub is recovering from burn injuries after being rescued from California's Zogg Fire. The cub is believed to be only three or four weeks old and was found by a firefighter in Shasta County ...

Barry Jenkins to direct ‘Lion Kingfollow-up

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Be prepared for sensational news: Academy Award-winner Barry Jenkins is joining the Disney family. Die "Maanlig" director is set to helm Disney's follow-up to "The Lion King." "Helping my sister raise two young ...