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Greg Gutfeld: The Left will literally call anything racist as long as it’s not a newspaper

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Mara Gay: I was really disturbed. I saw you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with you know explicative against Joe Biden, trump flags, and in some cases just dozens of American flags. Which is also just distu...

Martin Freeman critica "Man on the Moon" de Jim Carrey’ rendimiento del método como "narcisista,"Literalmente trastornado"

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los "Carga" ejecutante, 49, dio a conocer su opinión durante una aparición en el "Menú de apagado" pódcast, explicando que el método de actuación de Carrey y la encarnación del difunto Andy Kauffman en el 1999 la película estaba un poco sobre el t ...

The most hardcore Trump backers have *always* taken him literally

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Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that he was stunned at the storming of the US Capitol by pro-Trump forces last week because he hadn't thought that people took the President "literally." "...

The last call of 2020 for this Florida fire department was literally a dumpster fire

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After an overall unfavorable year filled with uncertainty, one Florida fire department ended 2020 by responding to an ironic last call: a dumpster fire. As they were counting down to the New Year, Brevard County fir...

People are literally dancing in the streets as they wait to vote

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With only eight days left until Election Day and nearly 60 million votes already cast, early voters are finding joyful ways to turn long voting lines into a celebration. Early voting is rising around the country am...