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Fed Chair Jerome Powell draws criticism for admitting ‘how little we understand about inflation’

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The comments were made during a European Central Bank forum that was moderated by Bloomberg Editor at Large Francine Lacqua. "I think we now understand better how little we understand about inflation," Powell ha detto. ...

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Janet Yellen, La Fed ha sbagliato’ [object Window], erano "un po' politici".’ nella loro risposta

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Parlando se gli Stati Uniti. è "diretto verso una mega recessione," la conduttrice Kara Swisher ha notato che Sorkin "ha recentemente intervistato Janet Yellen, chi tipo se l'è perso," e "Il presidente della Fed Jerome Powell afferma che è possibile.

As summer officially begins, millions have already suffered sweltering heat with little hope for quick relief

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Though summer officially begins on Tuesday, millions of Americans have already been buffeted by triple-digit temperatures and dangerously high heat, which is only expected to continue as a second wave of extreme hea...

Dead little blue penguins keep washing ashore in New Zealand. Experts say climate change may be to blame

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The bodies of hundreds of little blue penguins have washed up on the beaches of New Zealand's northern coast in recent weeks, according to conservationists, who fear climate change is starving the birds to death. Th ...

Washington Post reporter says it ‘could be a little too latefor Democrats on the economy

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Host Martha Raddatz asked the ABC panel about a New York Times report from Saturday about President Biden potentially sitting out 2024. "That's not a good headline," Raddatz said of the piece, titolato, "Should Bid...

Paramount is ‘seemingly steamrolling the little guyas studio faces ‘Top Gun’ causa, legal expert says

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Paramount was hit with a copyright lawsuit by the family of the author behind the original story used for the "Top Gun." A spokesperson from Paramount Pictures told FOX News Digital, "these claims are without merit,...

‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Melissa Gilbert on embracing a simpler life: ‘I don’t miss Hollywood’

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L'attrice, who famously starred as Laura Ingalls Wilder on "Piccola casa nella prateria," found herself wanting to live a simpler life after her husband, actor/director Timothy Busfield, introduced her to the wilds...

Cruz si scatena sul "piccolo idiota di sinistra svegliato".’ che ha fatto trapelare il progetto di parere della Corte Suprema: '12 probabili sospetti’

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"È difficile sopravvalutare quanto sia distruttivo per la Corte Suprema, all'indipendenza della magistratura, all'integrità della corte, far trapelare una bozza di parere durante il processo di decisione del caso," ...

‘Biden guyDonny Deutsch says the president has no ‘mojo,’ says he ‘could use a little of what Trump had

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Biden doesn't have enough "mojo" and he isn't delivering the message "in a strong way," Deutsch told host Nicolle Wallace on "Scadenza: White House." "The message is there," Deutsch said, adding that despite recor...

A tornado emergency has been declared in Little Rock, Arkansas, dal National Weather Service

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A tornado emergency has been declared by the National Weather Service office in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a confirmed large and destructive tornado. "A large, extremely dangerous, and potentially deadly tornado is...

New York MS-13’s ‘Little Devilconvicted in ambush murder of 4 young men

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Leniz Escobar, adesso 22, and Keyli Gomez lured the victims to their deaths on April 11, 2017. The brutal ambush attack involved machetes, knives, an axe, a chisel and clubs, according to Breon Peace, gli Stati Uniti. Avvocato ...

Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La..’ Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La..

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Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La.. -- Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La... Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La.., Un ufficiale di stanza al World Trade Bridge di La.. 12 e 14. T ...

This man won the lottery using his little brother’s license plate numbers

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A lucky Maryland man snagged a $ 25,000 lottery prize after playing the numbers on his younger brother's license plate. The anonymous Windsor Mill winner, who used the name "Big Fish" to share his story, won the pr...

Patrick Mahomes only a little surprised that the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill

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Mahomes talked to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer on Wednesday and said the front office kept him informed on everything going on, including when Hill was given permission to seek a trade. Mahomes did tell Breer th...

‘Morbiusis better than ‘Venom,’ but the villain origin story is still a little anemic

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As Marvel movies go, "Morbius" is more a sip than a gulp, a relatively small-boned Jekyll-and-Hyde tale that moves another Spider-Man villain into the spotlight. Significantly better than "Veleno" but still somewhat ...

Despite rising crime, Dems had little incentive to shift from ‘white racismnarrative until now: esperto

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"It's about power. And the Democratic Party gets a lot of mileage out of blaming problems in the Black community on White people. And Black activists, that's how they stay relevant, it's how they raise money — by bla...