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Report finds little-known security unit in Commerce abused power and investigated employees of Chinese or Southeast Asian ancestry for years

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A report by a Senate committee found that a little-known security unit within the Department of Commerce abused its power and oftentimes monitored employees of color without any evidence of wrongdoing. Die verslag, ...

Hot dogs: 5 little-known facts ahead of July 4

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In werklikheid, as Americans celebrate Independence Day this weekend, they will also be enjoying "the single largest hot dog day of the year," Eric Mittenthal, the president of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (NH ...

A group of little-known killer whales have been identified as big hunters of the sea

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Swimming deep in the Pacific Ocean, a group of little-known killer whales that eat large sea mammals including grey whale calves has been found, sê navorsers. In a recently-published catalog, researchers from the...

BLM clenched-fist symbol has little-known communist history, kritici sê

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But critics of the symbol note its origin and long use with communist movements – a history so fraught that, until recently, many left-wing protesters hesitated to use the iconic image. "It is a symbol used by moveme...