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Sinema raises concerns about proposed tax in Democratsbill as lobbying intensifies for her vote

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Republican senators and the business community are mounting a full-court press on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to sink -- or substantially change -- the Democrats' economic package, arguing in private conversations that the ...

Rudy Giuliani unlocks phones for prosecutors in Ukraine-related lobbying probe

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Federal prosecutors may soon reach a charging decision regarding Rudy Giuliani's foreign lobbying efforts involving Ukraine, after he helped investigators unlock several electronic devices that were seized by the FB...

Texas Democrat resigns from Congress to join lobbying firm

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Rep. Filemon Vela, a Texas Democrat, officially resigned from Congress on Thursday night to take a position at a law and lobbying firm in Washington, DC, starting the process to set up a special election to replace ...

Sy. Rubio rips corporations lobbying on behalf of China: ‘Harmful to US national interest

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TUCKER CARLSON: WHILE CHINA BUYS UP AMERICAN FARMLAND, WE MAY RUN OUT OF FOOD SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Corporations are in the business of making money. That's what they do. That's the only way they can survive. But nowaday...

Voormalige Trump-adviseur Tom Barrack sal in September teregstaan ​​vir aanklagte van buitelandse steunwerwing

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'n Federale regter het die buitelandse lobbyverhoor vir Tom Barrack opgestel, ’n voormalige raadgewer van destydse president Donald Trump, vir September. Tydens 'n afgeleë verhoor Woensdag, Regter Brian Cogan het gesê die keuse van die jurie sal begin op ...

The world is addicted to natural gas. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to keep it that way

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Imagine a world entirely free of fossil fuels. That's no longer such an abstract concept, as most of the everyday things we do can be powered by electricity -- driving a car, heating a home, charging a phone or comp...

'N Sakeman in Kalifornië wat aangekla word weens lobbywerk, het Trump onder sy' naaste vriende gereken’

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Washington Die onwettige buitelandse lobbying-aanklagte wat Dinsdag teen Tom Barrack aanhangig gemaak is, dui op 'n kronkelende sake- en politieke loopbaan wat gedefinieer word deur sy unieke uithouvermoë in die konstante voormalige president Donald Trump..

Hunter Biden-linked lobbying firm facing DOJ probe, verslag sê

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Blue Star Strategies, based in Washington, D.C., is facing U.S. government scrutiny over work it conducted on behalf of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where Hunter Biden was a board member, Politico berig. Bl ...

Companies lobbying Gavin Newsom helped pay his wife’s salary, verslag vind

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"This appears to be nothing more than legalized bribery," John Cox, a Republican running for governor amid Newsom's recall, Donderdag gesê. "It's deeply troubling and an inherent conflict of interest to have your fami...

Biden adviser’s brother lobbying White House for pharma giants, docs reveal

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Jeff Ricchetti began lobbying the White House at the beginning of this year’s first quarter, with disclosures showing that he was representing pharmaceutical giants Horizon Therapeutics, GlaxoSmithKline and Vaxart In...

Georgia groups are lobbying Coca-Cola and other corporations over voting rights

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New roadside billboards in Atlanta are urging Coca-Cola, Home Depot and other Georgia-based corporations to oppose voting restrictions proposed by Republican state lawmakers. Voting rights groups in the state are la...

Biden seeks to intensify public lobbying for Covid-19 relief bill amid the pandemic

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When President Joe Biden intensifies his attention next week to selling Republicans and Democrats on his coronavirus relief bill, he won't be relying on some of the presidency's most symbolic powers. Out, vir nou, a ...

Groid-fondsinsameling Broidy beken skuld op samesweringsklag in buitelandse lobbywerk

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Elliott Broidy, 'n top Republikeinse fondsinsameling betrokke by president Donald Trump 2016 intreekomitee, het Dinsdag skuld beken op een aanklag van sameswering rakende 'n geheime lobbyveldtog om die Tr ...