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As Biden raises money for his virtual inauguration, lobbyists prepare for a scaled-down schmooze-fest

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Presidential inaugurations -- and the swirl of festivities that surround them -- usually offer prime schmoozing opportunities: Lobbyists attempt to woo incoming administration officials at VIP-only luncheons; big ca...

Katoen: Wall Street CEOs are effectively ‘lobbyists for communist China

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maak Video Katoen toe: US businesses 'effectively lobbyists for communist China' American corporations must recognize Beijing as threat to the U.S., Sy. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., tells 'The Story' Top American business...

Biden appoints two former lobbyists to senior staff

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sluit Video Fox News Flash top nuus vir November 17 Fox News Flash se topopskrifte is hier. Kyk wat klik op President-elect Joe Biden is already ignoring progressive demands by add...