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Panic buying in Shanghai as mass testing notices spark fears of new lockdown

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Shanghai will carry out Covid-19 testing on more than half of its 25 million residents this weekend, fueling fears of a return to more stringent restrictions just days after the financial hub emerged from two months...

North Carolina community college lifts lockdown after police chase felon with body armor near campus

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The college initially alerted students of an "active shooter" situation near campus, but later said, "Our latest info is that this is not an active shooter situation at this time." The lockdown was lifted at noon. So...

Texas high school under lockdown following police tip

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Stephen F. Austin High School was placed under lockdown Thursday morning, school officials confirmed to Fox News Digital. There is a large law enforcement presence on the campus and students have been reported to be...

Boris Johnson under more pressure over new lockdown ‘Partygate’ foto's

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London Britain's beleaguered Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing accusations he misled lawmakers and is staring down fresh calls to resign, after new images were published appearing to show him raising a glass wit...

The coming lockdown retribution: Ingraham

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LAURA INGRAHAM: We have a tendency as humans and as Americans who live such fast-paced lives to want to move on too fast from crises. Nou, what do I mean by that? Isn't the resilient approach of carrying on a good th...

Cybersecurity expert warns of reports CDC tracking COVID lockdown compliance

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MORGAN WRIGHT: Die probleem is, is the state of where we are with technology. Every application you put on your phone has this thing inside of it, usually called a software development kit. In those little SDKs are li...

Global stocks and oil prices hit by fears of a Beijing lockdown

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)Global stocks and oil prices fell on Monday as rising Covid-19 cases in Beijing sparked fears that the Chinese capital could join Shanghai and other major cities in lockdown. China's benchmar...

Shanghai moves to 2nd stage of lockdown as testing lines grow

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Intussen, residents of Shanghai’s eastern districts who were supposed to be released from four days of isolation have been told their lockdowns could be extended if COVID-19 cases are found in their residential comp...

China implementing phased lockdown of Shanghai over COVID-19 surge

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Maandag, Shanghai's Pudong financial district and all areas east of the Huangpu River will go into lockdown for five days as officials start mass testing residents. Then on Friday, the area west of the Huangpu Riv...

‘No end is in sight.Living with Covid means a life of lockdown for England’s most vulnerable

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London Deepti Gurdasani has spent the past two years debunking Covid-19 myths and misinformation on TV and online. Her work as a clinical epidemiologist means she's well-placed to talk about coronavirus. But she also...

Ingraham: High gas price-induced self-restrictions are ‘Biden’s new lockdown

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Ingraham said the record spike in gas prices is likely intended to do just that: While the coronavirus mitigation orders enforced travel barriers and socioeconomic restrictions, the Democrats' refusal to show true co...

Joint Base Andrews placed on lockdown after vehicle drives through security checkpoint; 1 verdagte in die breë

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The vehicle was stopped after the 316th Security Forces Group deployed barriers at the main gate of the base around 9 nm. At least two people fled the vehicle, and one of them was apprehended. "We can confirm that t...

Steve Hilton: The ‘lockdown lunaticsdid this to America

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"The response to this pandemic has been the biggest public policy failure in history, and it wasn't just an innocent mistake. We knew they were wrong. Right from the start, we knew lockdowns were ineffective," he sai...

Sê nee vir volksmoordspeletjies., Sê nee vir volksmoordspeletjies.

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Sê nee vir volksmoordspeletjies.. Sê nee vir volksmoordspeletjies., Sê nee vir volksmoordspeletjies..

om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n

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om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n 24 om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n, om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n, om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n "om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n, om te bespreek hoe die moontlike sanksies teen Rusland kan lyk in 'n.

Federal prisons placed on temporary lockdown after deadly violence at Texas facility

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Federal prisons were placed on a temporary lockdown nationwide Monday after violence broke out at an institution in Texas and two inmates died. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) said it was acting with an "abundan...

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