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Loki might be a hedonist, but so far ‘Lokiremains a bit of a bore

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The following contains spoilers about the third episode of "Loki" on Disney+. The Marvel/Disney+ strategy of slowly building stories is becoming a bit of a bore with the third episode of "Loki," a protracted escape ...

‘LokiTV series heavily influenced by director David Fincher, uitvoerende produsent sê

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"'Se7en' is a very heavy influence," director and executive producer Kate Herron said of the six-part Tom Hiddleston-led series that debuts on June 9. Added head writer Michael Waldon of the stylized show, "I think F...

Loki being gender fluid confirmed in trailer

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Blink and you missed some info about Loki. The latest teaser for the new Disney+ series includes a quick shot of the Time Variance Authority on the Marvel character and where his sex is listed, dit sê "fluid." Dit is ...

Loki is in trouble with Owen Wilson and his mustache in new ‘Loki’ sleepwa

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Loki's latest battle is with bureaucracy in the new trailer for the forthcoming Disney+ series about the God of Mischief. In the trailer released on Monday, Loki finds himself in trouble with the Time Variance Auth...

This sneak peek at Disney+ series ‘Lokiis rather glorious

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Tom Hiddleston is once again up to no good in the new trailer for Disney+'s new series "Loki." The sneak peek was unveiled Thursday at Disney's Investor Day. "Glorious."Loki, an Original Series from Marvel Stud...