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Your tweens and teens are lonelyand they want your help, this expert says

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Psicólogo John Duffy, autor de "Crianza del nuevo adolescente en la era de la ansiedad," prácticas en Chicago. Se especializa en trabajar con adolescentes., padres, parejas y familias. Teens and tweens may not come out and tell...

Donny Osmond looks back at his ‘lonelyteen idol years: ‘This business can eat you up

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Donny Osmond recently told Closer Weekly that he spent much of his child star years alone in empty hotel rooms far from home. "I was just so lonely," the 63-year-old admitted. "You go back to the early 1970s and you’...

Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, estudio dice

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Talking to someone on the phone for 10 minutes multiple times a week -- if you're in control of the conversation -- can decrease loneliness, a new study revealed. Half of the 240 study participants were selected to...

Trump’s lonely exit

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In one last divisive spectacle before exiting the Oval Office, President Donald J. Trump became the first chief executive in modern US history to forgo the tradition of attending his successor's inauguration. Instea...

A high school student and her brother are helping seniors feel less lonely with notes and care packages

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When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, nursing homes across the United States scrambled to protect their vulnerable residents. They shut their doors and banned visitors, leaving seniors isolated from the outside ...

These lonely otters found love in lockdown just in time for the holidays

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When two otters lost their longtime lovers earlier this year, they became quite lonely. Thanks to an otters-only dating site, "Fishing for Love," they found each other amid a global pandemic and are living happily o...

Justin Bieber’s ‘Lonelyshows the dark side of childhood stardom

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What if you had it all but nobody to call? Justin Bieber shows the dark side of childhood stardom in the new music video for "Lonely." The video was released at midnight on Friday. As of Saturday, it's already rack...

A lonely otter at a sanctuary finds love online through a dating site built just for him

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A seal sanctuary in England made a dating profile for a lonely otter who lost his mate -- and now he's found love again. Harris, a 10-year-old Asian short-clawed otter at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, Eng...