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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez share loving moment while on a movie date with their kids

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The couple was spotted walking arm-in-arm in downtown Los Angeles heading back to their car after taking their respective kids to an outdoor movie theater that was playing the 2003 Jack Black comedy "School of Rock."...

Jennifer Lopez feels like she’s an ‘outsiderin Hollywood ‘sometimes

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The video was part of retailer Sephora's "We Belong" campaign amid National Hispanic American Heritage Month. "I think for me… I know it's so important for all of us to feel like we belong," Lopez explained in the vi...

Jennifer Lopez shares her post-workout skincare secrets and what she ‘can’t leave the house without

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The 52-year-old musician filmed the entirety of her skincare routine she completes after working out and posted it for fans. "Exercise is essential in @JLo's life (flashback to THAT VMA look [fire emoji]) maar, just l...

Jennifer Lopez betower by Met Gala 2021 met 'n Wes-geïnspireerde voorkoms

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Die aktrise en sangeres, wat aanvanklik afgeneem is sonder Ben Affleck, het 'n Ralph Lauren -ensemble gedra met 'n dompelrok, vals bont, 'n choker -ketting en 'n cowgirl -hoed. Affleck het blykbaar sy vriendin laat slaan..

Jennifer Lopez wows with MTV VMAs look days after making red carpet debut with Ben Affleck: 'Kom ons gaan’

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The pop queen and actress gave fans a taste of what to expect ahead of her arrival at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in a post shared to Twitter. "Let’s go VMAs" Lopez, 52, captioned a set of photos in which she roc...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck return to the red carpet together

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Bennifer 2.0 is red carpet official. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appeared together Friday on the red carpet of the premiere of Affleck's film "The Last Duel" during the Venice Film Festival in Italy. The two wer...

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make first red carpet appearance since reigniting their romance

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez posed for pictures together at the premiere of "The Last Duel" Friday evening in Venice, Italy — their first public event since rekindling their relationship in April. Lopez, 52, was se...

Gold Star -pa onthou Marine Corps Cpl. Jagter Lopez, dood in Kabul -ontploffing, as toegewyd om ander te help

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Lopez, 22, is gebore in 'n ryk familietradisie van militêre en gemeenskapsdiens, sy vader, Herman Lopez, het hierdie week aan Fox News gesê. Baie van die familielede van die Marine het in die weermag en in die buitelandse oorlog gedien..

Parents of Cpl. Hunter Lopez issue first public statement

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Cpl. Jagter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Kalifornië, was among the 13 Amerikaanse. service members caught in the explosion near the Kabul airport on Aug. 26 that also took the lives of about 170 Afghan citizens. Lopez’s parents are...

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni, Jennifer Lopez and more dazzle as stars flock to Venice ahead of film festival

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In the days leading up to the world-famous Venice Film Festival – which kicks off in the Italian city on Sept. 2 – stars made their way across the pond to Venice early in the week, many heading to popular fashion eve...

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck share a laugh as they rock matching outfits while shopping in LA

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The couple were spotted out-and-about in Los Angeles on Tuesday enjoying one another's company, at one point seen sharing a laugh. Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, sweetly donned matching outfits for their outing. Die "H ...

Jennifer Garner spotted with former boyfriend John Miller amid Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez romance

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Op Dinsdag, the actress was spotted in New York City spending time with her former flame John Miller. Die "13 Going on 30" star rocked a casual look with a sweater, fitted jeans and a face mask. The businessman wore ...

Jennifer Lopez wipes all traces of Alex Rodriguez from her Instagram, unfollows him

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Followers took note Saturday that the Bronx-born entertainer’s social media feed had been slightly revamped, with photos of ex-fiancé A-Rod all having been removed from her account. This includes shots of the exes to...

Matt Damon is all in on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship: ‘No one’s pulling harder than I am

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The 50-year-old actor opened up about the couple's relationship during a rapid-fire question-and-answer round in an upcoming interview for "The Carlos Watson Show." "Oh man, no one's pulling harder than I am," Damon ...

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck spotted house hunting at $85M estate in Los Angeles

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The A-list pair who are back in the saddle together toured a colossal estate on Tuesday in the famed Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles and at an asking price touching $ 85 miljoen, the purchase may just be a...

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