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Billie Eilish drops ‘Lost Cause’ video musicale

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Billie Eilish has released new music, much to the delight of her fans. The singer dropped her new song, "Causa persa" along with a music video on Thursday. The song is off her upcoming album, "Happier Than Ever," whi ...

Billie Eilish debuts new song and music video, ‘Lost Cause’

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Nel video, Eilish parades around the house with an entourage of friends, twerking, shooting water guns and snacking on potato chips. Produced by brother Finneas, the song, a sassy conviction against a lousy ex-boy...

‘Lostmicrobes found in ancient poop could relieve chronic illness

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Scientists working with samples of ancient feces have found previously unknown microbes that could help in the fight against chronic illnesses such as diabetes. The microbes lived in our ancestors' digestive systems...

James O’Keefe suing CNN following permanent ban from Twitter: We’ve ‘never lost’ a lawsuit

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"There are people on Twitter who are impersonating me who still remain on Twitter," Egli ha detto. "I will depose [Jack Dorsey] under oath… And tomorrow I will sue CNN." Project Veritas has already launched a lawsuit again...

DeSantis says mainstream media has ‘lost credibility,’ pushes false narratives ‘with impunity

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"I think it's a big problem. The corporate media has always had a liberal bias...If you go back 20, 30 anni, it would always be through a liberal prism - but they wouldn't just do some of the stuff that they do now,...

Phillip Adams described as ‘lost without footballas police look to pin down motive

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York County authorities identified Adams as the man behind the gruesome rampage in Rock Hill on Wednesday evening but had yet to come up with a motive. Police said Adams turned the gun on himself, and authorities who...

Brian May ‘nearly losthis life after heart attack

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Queen guitarist Brian May has said he is "grateful" to be alive after suffering a heart attack, a stomach hemorrhage and other health complications this year. A maggio, the musician revealed that he suffered from a h...

‘On the Rocksfeatures Bill Murray in a pleasant ‘Lost in Translation’ riunione

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In un "Lost in Translation" riunione, writer-director Sofia Coppola lets Bill Murray let loose in "On the Rocks," an entertaining, wonderfully simple comedy with the qualities of a smooth martini -- it goes down easy,...