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Ingraham: Biden administration ‘lost in their delusions and missing in action

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"Joe Biden's first 8 months seem like 8 long years because everything he and his party have touched has turned bad," Ingraham asserted. "From domestic to foreign policy, the nation's in a tailspin. Even the press ca...

Female athletes recount ‘demoralizingcompetitions against biological males: ‘Lost out on opportunities

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Alanna Smith and Selina Soule told host Ben Domenech they felt helpless competing in athletics against transgender individuals who were born male. Smith said that in her freshman year, she competed against two indivi...

‘Lostmicrobes found in ancient poop could relieve chronic illness

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Scientists working with samples of ancient feces have found previously unknown microbes that could help in the fight against chronic illnesses such as diabetes. The microbes lived in our ancestors' digestive systems...

Kayleigh McEnany critica a Kamala Harris, dice que "perdió los medios’ por su 'ineptitud’

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KAMALA HARRIS SE RÍE CUANDO SE LE PREGUNTA SI SE SIENTE MAL USADA POR LA ADMINISTRACIÓN BIDEN: 'NO, YO NO 'KAYLEIGH MCENANY: Harris, La acabo de escuchar decir que no se siente mal utilizada o infrautilizada, excepto que tenemos más de tres docenas ...

Phillip Adams described as ‘lost without footballas police look to pin down motive

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York County authorities identified Adams as the man behind the gruesome rampage in Rock Hill on Wednesday evening but had yet to come up with a motive. Police said Adams turned the gun on himself, and authorities who...

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