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Alligators eat lots of things. These prehistoric artifacts were an unusual snack

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Discovering prehistoric artifacts amazing enough. But finding them deep in the belly of a massive alligator -- that's something else. Shane Smith, owner of Red Antler Processing in Yazoo City, Misisipí, was diggi...

Tim Graham: Biden’s media strategy after Afghanistan fiasco? Lots of hiding

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For four days, the president disappeared from public view. Then he gave a speech on Aug. 16, took no questions and retreated again. His only engagement with the press in the last week was an interview with ABC's Geor...

Crenshaw: El secretario de Estado Blinken debe a los estadounidenses "muchas explicaciones’ por salida fallida de Afganistán

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PRIMERA PILOTO FEMENINO DE LA FUERZA AÉREA AFGANA: 'NO CREES' TALIBAN PROPAGANDA SOBRE LOS DERECHOS DE LAS MUJERES DAN CRENSHAW: Pero luego está la pregunta de cómo hicieron esto. Y eso es realmente de lo que tenemos que hablar ahora.. H ...

In effort to curb COVID, Tokyo Olympics collect lots of spit

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Sobre 30,000 people from scores of nations are spitting into tiny plastic vials at the Olympics in a daily routine that’s grown crucial in going ahead with the pandemic-era Games, according to organizers. If you do t...

La Ford Bronco y la F-150 Lighting están robando muchos clientes de otras marcas

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West Virginia to give away guns, trucks and lots of cash as part of its vaccination lottery program

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice touted a new vaccination incentive lottery Tuesday that will have its first drawing for a $ 1 million prize on Father's Day. "We're going to do this program from June 20 until August ...

Joe Manchin just asked the question lots and lots of people have been wondering

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In the wake of President Donald Trump's reelection loss one month ago, the lingering question in many corners of the country isn't how he lost, but rather how he came so close to winning. Después de todo, Trump's approval...