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Il dipartimento di polizia di Louisville riceve duri rimproveri in un nuovo rapporto commissionato dopo l'omicidio di Breonna Taylor

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Il dipartimento di polizia della metropolitana di Louisville ha ricevuto un duro rimprovero in un nuovo studio commissionato dalla città in seguito all'uccisione da parte della polizia di Breonna Taylor lo scorso anno. Il reparto è guidato con il morale basso e lo è ...

L'ex capo della polizia di Atlanta a guidare il dipartimento di polizia della metropolitana di Louisville sulla scia della morte di Breonna Taylor

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L'ex capo della polizia di Atlanta Erika Shields, che si è dimesso dopo che un agente ha sparato e ucciso un uomo a seguito di una rissa nel parcheggio di Wendy, ora guiderà il dipartimento di polizia della metropolitana di Louisville, che è ancora ...

A Louisville woman is suing the city and two officers alleging she was shot with a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting

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A 24-year-old woman is suing the city of Louisville, Kentucky, and two of its police officers after allegedly getting shot in the face with a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting in May. Shannyn White was out ...

Louisville police major relieved of command after reportedly insulting protesters in email to other officers

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Maggio. Bridget Hallahan has been relieved of command of the Louisville Metro Police Department's Fifth Division two days after the Louisville Courier Journal reported that the major had insulted protesters in an Augus...

The University of Louisville’s law school is offering a class on systematic racism titled ‘Breonna Taylor’s Louisville

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Per mesi, the city of Louisville in Kentucky has been at the center of nationwide protests demanding justice for the police killing of Breonna Taylor. Now the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law is ...

More people were killed in Louisville this year than ever before in the city’s history

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After four people were shot and killed over a bloody weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, the city reached a new record -- 121 murders so far this year. The number of homicides is the most the city has ever seen, accordo...

Family of Louisville shooting victim David McAtee sues police officers, National Guard members

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The family of David McAtee, a Louisville barbecue restaurant owner who died after being shot at by law enforcement during protests in June, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Louisville Metro Police Departme...

Louisville names Black woman as new interim police chief

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The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, appointed a new interim police chief Monday, naming Yvette Gentry, una donna nera, to the role. Gentry will replace Robert Schroeder, who is retiring, Mayor Greg Fischer announced M...