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Miley Cyrus only has love for Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus has no hard feelings for ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The singer visited Howard Stern's SiriusXM show on Wednesday, where she discussed her marriage to Hemsworth and why it ended not long after a Malibu fi...

‘Love Island South Africa’ rolverdeling word aangekondig — met slegs 3 Swart deelnemers

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Die makers van "Love Island Suid-Afrika" kritiek ondervind nadat hulle 'n oorwegend wit opstelling vir die show aangekondig het. Die nuutste uitwerking van die werklikheids-afspraak-draai-kulturele-verskynsel het op Sund plaasgevind..

'N Eensame otter by 'n heiligdom vind aanlyn liefde deur middel van 'n afspraakwebwerf wat net vir hom gebou is

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'N Seëlreservaat in Engeland het 'n dateringsprofiel gemaak vir 'n eensame otter wat sy maat verloor het -- en nou het hy weer liefde gevind. Harris, 'n tienjarige Asiatiese kortklou-otter in die Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, Eng ...

Indian Muslim student arrested for allegedly trying to convert Hindu woman under controversial ‘love jihad’ wetgewing

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Police in northern India have arrested a Muslim man for allegedly trying to convert a Hindu woman to Islam, under a controversial new law that has sparked widespread outrage and protests. The 21-year-old student was...

‘WandaVision’ maak Marvel se weergawe van 'n liefdesverhaal af in 'n emosionele finale

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor die "WandaVision" finale. As "Die Mandalorian" is die "Star Wars" weergawe van 'n western, "WandaVision" was, uiteindelik, Marvel neem 'n liefdesverhaal aan. Tog in ooreenstemming met die metgesel ...

These neighbors show us love can still exist on opposing sides of politics

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"Love thy neighbor" is a sentiment many communities in America are struggling with at the moment. Almost half of registered voters in both Biden and Trump camps say they do not have a single close friend who support...

These lonely otters found love in lockdown just in time for the holidays

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When two otters lost their longtime lovers earlier this year, they became quite lonely. Thanks to an otters-only dating site, "Fishing for Love," they found each other amid a global pandemic and are living happily o...

‘The Oneranks second among dramas about finding love through DNA

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"The One" takes an enticing idea --what would happen if everyone could be romantically paired with their perfect match by DNA? -- and squanders that by turning it into a mundane mystery. It's not bad, as Netflix's B...

Love or hate ‘Emily in Paris,’ Parisians say these shows and films best reflect their city

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"Emily in Paris" has drawn harsh criticism from some French viewers who say the Netflix comedy series plays up dated clichés about life in city of lights. So, the language learning service Babbel surveyed more than...

Jesy Nelson thanks fans for their ‘love and supportfollowing Little Mix departure

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Jesy Nelson has thanked fans for their support following this week's announcement that she's leaving Little Mix in order to focus on her mental health. The 29-year-old said in a post shared on Instagram Stories on T...

‘Made for Lovejoins series probing the darker side of our high-tech future

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"Made for Love" is the latest series set about 10 minutes in the future, focusing on the creepy potential of technology as a means of control. With Cristin Milioti at its center, this darkly comic HBO Max series use...

There’s one kind of unmasking even Donald Trump doesn’t love

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Dit is vanaf Oktober aangepas 15 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. There's one kind of unmasking even Do...

'N Wendy-bestuurder probeer die wêreld verander' Ek is lief vir jou’ op 'n slag

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In 'n jaar van wanhoop en 'n wêreld vol haat, een kitskosbestuurder doen wat sy kan om 'n boodskap van liefde te versprei. April DiDonna het aan 'n klant gesê dat sy lief is vir hom nadat hy by die Wendy se deurry bestel het..

Play ball! Why politicians love baseball’s Opening Day

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It's Opening Day! And despite the massive bummer that the Washington Nationals-New York Mets game is being postponed due to Covid-19 concerns, there's still a lot of baseball that is going to be played today -- en ...

Mexican restaurant takes political stand with sign declaring ‘No Love, No Tacos

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A Mexican restaurant in a small town in Iowa has wrapped itself in the middle of political discourse after some customers of the popular eatery took offense to a yard sign the owner placed outside. The sign advocate...

‘An unimaginable love story’: High school sweethearts reunite and marry after nearly 70 years apart

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. High school sweethearts who were separated nearly seven decades ...

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