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Il dottore assassinato della Carolina del Sud ha recentemente scritto delle meraviglie del paradiso, ricongiungimento con i propri cari

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Dott. Robert Lesslie, 70, è stato colpito a morte nella tarda serata di mercoledì insieme a sua moglie, 69-Barbara di un anno. Due dei loro nipoti, età 5 e 9 furono uccisi anche come James Lewis, un uomo di 38 anni che aveva lavorato a ...

Canada Post is sending every household a postcard to send to a loved one for free

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Canada Post is sending a free prepaid postcard to every household in the country to help citizens stay connected during the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic. The government postal agency is planning to send ab...

Dwayne Johnson says late dad ‘would have lovednew TV series ‘Young Rock

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NBC's "Young Rock" may largely be about Dwayne Johnson's good old days, but it also aims to be honest: Those days weren't all good. Quella, Johnson hopes, will inject the forthcoming sitcom about his life with an aut...

Families of US hostages and detainees look to Biden to keep up efforts to free loved ones

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As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take over from the outgoing Trump administration, the goal for the families of Americans unlawfully detained and held hostage abroad remains the same: to see their loved ones...

Una truppa di boy scout ha creato uno stand "hug"’ per i residenti delle case di cura che non potevano toccare i loro cari

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Vuoi più ispirazione, notizie positive? Iscriviti a The Good Stuff, una newsletter per il bene della vita. Illuminerà la tua casella di posta ogni sabato mattina. A volte, tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è un abbraccio. Ma per migliaia di infermiere ...

Her late daughter loved to sew, so she taught herself how to make masks and raised nearly $17,000 for the local food pantry

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For Sharon Hebert, the way to overcome the most difficult challenges is to focus on helping others, and she practices what she preaches. A 53-year-old mother of two from Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Hebert exper...

Obituary honors Charlie, the golden retriever that loved everything except stairs. He really hated stairs.

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Charlie the golden retriever was "the best boy" and a huge part of Sallie Gregory Hammett's family since he was an 8-week-old puppy. Hammett was devastated when Charlie died earlier this month after a five-month bat...