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Book lovers across America need to know ‘the storyof these 5 great cities

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Some of the nation's book-friendliest cities aren't what many expect. A new study from ranked the top U.S. cities for book lovers based on the offerings from each of the 116,867 libraries in the U.S. destra ...

Florida bald eagle fledglings nearly here: Magical moments await bird lovers

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A pair of brand-new bald eagle fledglings in Northeast Florida will soon make their debut — and bird lovers and many others can observe the blessed event in real time via livestreams provided by the American Eagle Fo...

Regali a tema musicale per gli amanti della musica nella tua vita

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Ottieni la guida ai regali dall'Associated Press qui sotto. Merce dal fondo dei musicisti di Sweet Relief Questa immagine pubblicata da Sweet Relief mostra una maglietta, uno dei tanti merch a tema musicale in vendita dall'organizzazione no profit...

Grand jury indicts Puerto Rico boxer in lover’s death

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The indictment was announced as dozens of people — some bearing flowers, balloons or small gifts — attended the wake of 27-year-old Keishla Rodríguez, who was reported missing on Thursday and whose body was identifie...

Who cares about turkey? Thanksgiving main dishes for smaller groups and (sacrilegious) non-turkey lovers

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You might not want a whole roast turkey on your table for a gaggle of reasons this Thanksgiving. A turkey breast is the most obvious option for those who enjoy the traditional feast but don't necessarily need 10 pou...