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Tirus: Amerika is lief vir stoeiers

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TYRUS: Dit is die eerste keer dat 'n stoeier die nommer een laataandprogram aanbied. O, ja, dit is reg. ’n Stoeier brand, nie waar nie? Net 'n stoeier. En waar sou hierdie land wees sonder stoeiers? Sal waarskynlik...

ESPN hates America on July 4th, loves woke columnist arrested for choking his wife

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Unless, dit is, you work at ESPN, when July 4th represents an opportunity for you to trot out a woke albatross of a column on the front page of your site arguing that America is awful. I haven’t been writing as much...

Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp and knows she’s not ‘a perfect victim

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Amber Heard is afraid of potentially being sued again by her ex-husband Johnny Depp - even as she admits to still loving him. That was revealed in the second portion of Heard's exclusive interview with NBC News' Sav...

Questlove loves his vision boards, collages and kitschy art

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Questlove and Adam Blackstone are serving as musical directors of Juneteenth: A Global Celebration for Freedom, airing on CNN on Sunday, Junie 19 Questlove's artistry extends beyond his music and filmmaking. The leg...

Trump slams Liz Cheney as a ‘warmongerwho loves ‘endless, onsinnig, bloody wars

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Trump ripped Cheney and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, as "warmongers" who pushed the U.S. into international bloodbaths. "The Cheneys are diehard globalists and warmongers who have been plunging us i...

Ingraham: The Left loves perverting language to promote ‘twisted agenda

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LAURA INGRAHAM: A 14-year-old girl still not fully developed, who demands to have her breasts cut off. A 15-year-old boy who wants to have his penis removed. A 10-year-old taking drugs to interfere with hormones that...

Ravens’ Lamar Jackson says he loves team, rips ‘false narrative’ about him leaving Baltimore

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Die 2019 NFL MVP on Wednesday tweeted that he loves the team and lashed out at a "false narrative" surrounding his playing future with the Ravens. "I love my Ravens I don't know who the hell putting that false narr...

Ukrainian MP warns Vladimir Putin ‘lovesto destroy humanitarian convoys

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KIRA RUDIK: Let’s look at the facts right now and what has happened. Eerste, we have experienced eight years of war with Russia. We know the things that Putin loves the most is for his army to destroy the humanitarian...

Why the LGBTQ community lovesand will always loveWhitney Houston

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Washington It was a performance that likely would've made Whitney Houston proud. In the Season 9 finale of "RuPaul's Drag Race," in 2017, Sasha Velour faced off against Shea Couleé. As the two queens approached the e...

Adele criticized over Brits award speech after saying she loves ‘being a woman

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The new category replaced the separate best female and best male artist categories from previous Brits ward shows. It is unclear what caused the Brits to change the name of the award category and a representative did...

Dwayne Hickman, star of ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis’ dood by 87

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Hickman’s publicist, Harlan Boll, confirmed his death to Fox News Digital on behalf of the late actor’s family. Boll noted that he died on Jan. 9 in Los Angeles, Kalifornië. due to complications caused by Parkinson's dise...

Dan Bongino op 'Fox & Vriende: The radical left loves chaos

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NJ NURSE DIES FROM INJURIES AFTER BEING SHOVED TO GROUND BY ALLEGED MUGGER IN TIMES SQUARE DAN BONGINO: There's two real reasons. The bigger, ideological reason: the radical left loves chaos. The only way to get peop...

Tom Brady reveals which team he loves to beat the most: ‘There’s no doubt about that

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Brady became the latest quarterback to beat all 32 teams, joining Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Drew Brees as the only ones to complete the feat. When he appeared in the latest episode of Jim Gray’s "Kom ons gaan" podc...

Die sokkerafrigter van die Mississippi State, Mike Leach, hou daarvan om op Aggies se Kyle Field te speel

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Hy is op een Saterdag weg, maar hy het die span van sy Mississippi -staat miskien net teruggedraai met 'n 26-22 wen om vinnig te val Texas A&M. En hy is hierdie week oop voor die Bulldogs (3-2, 1-1 SEK) gasheer nr. ...

Waarom almal van Fat Bear Week hou?

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Die blare verander van kleur, daar is 'n effense skerp gevoel in die lug en die rakke is vol pampoenpeper. Dit dui alles op een ding: Vetbeerweek is hier. Fat Bear Week is 'n jaarlikse komp..

Raymond Arroyo: China ‘lovesBiden’s climate change push

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RAYMOND ARROYO: We heard it today from Biden. You hear it from John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi last week in the UK said the same thing. Hulle sê "O, well the Uyghurs are being put in internment camps in China, religion...

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