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Lara Trump says she is ‘not masking up her children’ for school, calls mandate ‘ludicrous

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WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS PUSHING MASKS AS COVID CASES INCREASE LARA TRUMP: I think it’s absolutely ludicrous. Eerstens, we know the efficacy of masks has been long disputed. It was Dr. Fauci who, a year and a half ago,...

Dana Loesch slams Democrats‘ludicrousexcuse for crime surge as Gov. Cuomo cracks down on guns

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"Andrew Cuomo, even Bill de Blasio all say the same thing, ‘the epidemic is gun violence,’" Loesch began. "If you can sit here and characterize the willful choices of a criminal compared to a law-abiding gun owner an...

Conan O’Brien, Sean Penn discuss cancel culture calling it ‘very Sovietand ‘ludicrous

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O'Brien, who recently wrapped up his time as a late-night talk show host after almost three decades on two networks, had Penn on his podcast, "Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend," where the duo’s chat led them to discuss c...