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Unknown vandals shot a historical marker for Jackie Robinson and another for lynching victims in rural Georgia

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There are over 2,300 historical markers in Georgia, a few dozen of which belong to the state's Civil Rights Trail, devoted to events and locations that impacted the Civil Rights movement. Two of those signs were fo...

Leo Terrell reacts to Portland school fearing ‘Evergreensmascot tied to lynching: “It devalues true racism”

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TERRELL: This subject bothers me a lot. I've been a civil rights attorney for 30 años. I taught U.S. History for seven years. I've never had a client complain that a tree is racist. I've never had a case that deals ...

Maryland NAACP leader blasts Gov. Larry Hogan’s posthumous pardons of lynching victims as ‘political posturing

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The head of Maryland's NAACP on Sunday lambasted Gov. Larry Hogan's posthumous pardon of lynching victims as "political posturing," criticizing the Republican governor for issuing a blanket pardon of dozens of the s...

In Israel, Jewish man’s kidney donated to grateful Arab woman after his lynching

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Yigal Yehoshua was lynched. Él era 56 years old with a wife and two children. He was one of six brothers in a close-knit family. An Arab mob set upon him as he drove to his home in Lod, one of Israel's mixed cities w...

Al Sharpton says Ahmaud Arbery’s killing was a ‘lynching in the 21st century

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El Rev. Al Sharpton is asking for a just verdict in the trial of the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery who was shot while jogging in Georgia last year. "What has happened in this case, is a lynching in the...

Escena retrospectiva: Kamala Harris una vez calificó las afirmaciones de Jussie Smollett de un ataque como un "intento de linchamiento moderno’

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Smollett será juzgado por cargos de haber organizado el ataque contra él.. Harris, luego un senador de California, eventualmente revirtió el curso semanas después de su tweet inicial, diciendo que ella era "triste, frustrado, y decep ....