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Landon Barker joins Machine Gun Kelly onstage in NYC amid dad Travis Barker’s reported hospitalization

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The two sang their collaboration "Die in California" in front of a sold-out crowd. Barker, 18, shared several Instagram videos on his story of his New York performance but made no mention of his dad's reported hospit...

Praying coach in SCOTUS case responds to Sports Illustrated’s attack citing ‘right-wing machine

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Kennedy ended his group prayers on the field, but still engaged in post-game prayers by himself. The district didn't approve, so they put him on leave and wouldn't allow him to coach. Nel 2016, Kennedy filed suit wit...

Review: Il 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X is an extreme machine

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The full-size pickup is now available in a crew cab, short bed AT4X model that promisees the most extreme off-road capability of any Sierra 1500. It's a mechanical twin to the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 and feature...

Machine Gun Kelly dedica la performance dei Billboard Music Awards a sua "moglie".’ e 'figlio non ancora nato’

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Machine Gun Kelly stava cercando di dirci qualcosa? Durante la sua esecuzione della canzone "Fiamma Gemella" a domenica 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Kelly ha detto "Ho scritto questa canzone per mia moglie." Lui e l'attrice Megan Fox si sono ...

Michigan State Police seizes voting machine as it expands investigation into potential breaches tied to 2020 elezione

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The Michigan State Police has expanded its investigation into whether third parties gained unauthorized access to voting machine data after the 2020 elezione, and is now examining potential breaches in at least one ...

Una "persona maleducata".’ l'ha urtata contro una macchina della lotteria e ne è uscito un $10 milione di biglietti

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Una donna californiana è diventata subito milionaria grazie a "una persona maleducata." LaQuedra Edwards ha messo $ 40 in un distributore automatico della lotteria della California al supermercato Vons di Tarzana, Contea di Los Angeles, ed era circa t...

Whoopi Goldberg si spegne su "Visualizza

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Machine Gun Kelly ha condiviso la sua esperienza con Taylor Hawkins giorni prima della tragica scomparsa del batterista dei Foo Fighters. Machine Gun Kelly ha condiviso la sua esperienza con Taylor Hawkins giorni prima della tragica scomparsa del batterista dei Foo Fighters. È stato 50. [object Window] ...

Suo. Graham: Russia’s oil sector is the ‘Achilles heel of Putin’s war machineand the US needs to go after it

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LINDSEY GRAHAM: Per 20 anni, Putin has murdered his own people, imprisoned dissidents, opposition leaders in his country, committed war crimes in Syria and Chechnya and nothing happened. The game has changed. The of...

Texas woman allegedly busted at US-Mexico border with 44 rifles, disassembled machine gun in trampoline box

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Mayra Alejandra Padron, a 21-year-old from Houston, was arrested Monday at the Hidalgo port of entry – allegedly carrying 44 rifles, a single handgun, a dissembled M249 machine gun and almost 3,000 rounds of ammuniti...

Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio

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Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio, Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio. Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio, Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio, Travis Scott rivela il nome del loro secondo figlio.

A slot machine in Las Vegas malfunctioned and didn’t tell a tourist they won. The gaming board tracked them down

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A tourist in Las Vegas hit the jackpot on a slot machine last month, but he was never informed due to a malfunction in the machine, according to gaming officials. Now after an exhaustive search, the Nevada Gaming C...

The Oshkosh eJLTV is a monster stealth military machine

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The eJLTV is a hybrid-powered version of the defense giant's hulking Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, of which approximately 15,000 currently serve the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines. The concept has been revealed as Oskhos...

Machine Gun Kelly designed Megan Fox’s engagement ring to hurt coming off

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According to Machine Gun Kelly, "Love is pain!" That is what the rapper and actor told Vogue in a joint interview with his new fiancée, actress Megan Fox. Kelly was explaining the "thoroughbred Colombian emerald" un...

Actress Yvette Mimieux, star of ‘The Time Machine,’ morto a 80

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Mimieux was a prolific actress best remembered for starring opposite Rod Taylor in the 1960 George Pal-directed film version of the H.G. Wells novel "La macchina del tempo" at MGM, where she was soon put under a long-term...

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged

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A toast is in order to actress Megan Fox and musician Machine Gun Kelly (anche se, you might want to bring your own beverage). The couple has announced they are engaged. Fox shared a video of the engagement on Instag...

L'economista dice dei mandati COVID-19 di New York: La classe politica è una "macchina che sta solo divorando la città"’

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Dall'inizio della pandemia, New York City ha intrapreso un'azione drammatica per frenare la diffusione di COVID-19. Nel mese di marzo 2020, allora-Gov. Andrew Cuomo ha ordinato a tutte le attività non essenziali di chiudere in tutto lo stato e ha chiuso s...