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Bill Hemmer calls out COVID-19 tests branded ‘Made in China

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Hemmer, mede-gasheer van "Amerika se Newsroom," praised the federal government and the United States Postal Service (USPS) for getting the tests out quickly after he and many other Americans put in the request last week for...

KN95 masks distributed to House members stamped with ‘MADE IN CHINA

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Fox News received a photo of one of the distributed masks, which are now required to be worn in order for a member to access the House floor. The House physician recently ordered lawmakers to replace their cloth mask...

Ben Affleck says ‘Armageddon’ team ‘made me fix my teeth’ and ‘be sexy’ for film: ‘I was a little naïve’

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Die akteur, who is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s February issue, reflected on the requirements he had to meet before playing an oil driller who trains to be an astronaut. "I was a little naïve about the opini...

Woman’s secret to losing 80 pounds is deleting social media: ‘Best decision I ever made’

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Brenda Finn, 33, a candlemaker from London, told SWNS she had "always been a bit chubby," but starting in 2016 she started to gain a lot of weight, bereik 217 pounds by August 2020. It was around then that Finn --...

Burt Reynolds was spyt oor die ikoniese naakfoto, skrywer sê: Hy noem dit 'die ergste fout wat hy ooit gemaak het'

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Die ontslape akteur het beroemd geword dat Cosmopolitan se eerste manspersoon ooit was 1972 met 'n glimlag op sy gesig en niks meer nie, terwyl hy op 'n beervel lê met een van sy hande wat sy privaat deel strategies bedek..

‘Even Stevensstar Christy Carlson Romano reveals she ‘made millionsthen lost it all after Disney career

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Die "Even Stevens" aktrise, nou 37, published a video to YouTube titled, "How I Lost All My Money." Daarin, Romano took viewers through what she called, "a journey to my path of financial fluency and how I made and lo...

Army combat veteran who owns steel company asks Biden to bring back ‘Made in America’ vertoonvenster

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Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel Huntsville, Ala., wrote to Biden this week asking him to re-launch the "Gemaak in Amerika" showcase at the White House that celebrated businesses from around the country that manufactu...

Sarah Ferguson talks how she ‘made friends with past mistakes

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The Duchess of York, 61, was married to Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth's second son, van 1986 aan 1996 and shares two daughters Princess Eugenie, 31, and Princess Beatrice, 32, with her ex. "Someone asked me, 'If yo...

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers on how Gravesdisease ‘made me who I am

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Gail Devers' first Olympic gold medal could hardly have come in more dramatic circumstances, dipping for the line in a blanket finish thought to be the closest ever 100m final. While her time of 10.82 seconds was l...

'Gemaak vir liefde’ sluit aan by reekse wat die donkerder kant van ons hoëtegnologie-toekoms ondersoek

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"Gemaak vir Liefde" is die jongste reeks wat handel oor 10 minute in die toekoms, fokus op die grillerige potensiaal van tegnologie as 'n manier van beheer. Met Cristin Milioti in die middel, hierdie donker komiese HBO Max-reeks gebruik ...

‘Crazy, Not Insaneprobes the minds of serial killers and concludes they’re ‘made, not born

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The media obsession with serial killers receives a welcome infusion of academic analysis and sobriety in "Crazy, Not Inane," an HBO documentary about psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis and her career-long study of mur...