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Watchdog finds Susan Pompeo did not get written approval for majority of taxpayer funded trips

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Washington The State Department watchdog concluded that the majority of trips taken by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's wife, スーザン, over a two-year period took place without written approval from the State Departmen...

より多い 240 schools in US are named after a Confederate leader. About half serve majority Black or nonwhite students

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Thousands of children across the US attend schools that bear the names of Confederate leaders who fought to preserve slavery and White supremacy in America. より多い 240 schools across the US are named in honor of ...

A large majority of driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey have nothing to do with traffic safety, 研究は見つけます

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A new study suggests that in New Jersey, traffic safety violations are not the main reason for people getting their driver's licenses suspended. The findings, which will be published in the Journal of Transport &am...

Georgia’s race to the right prompts GOP fears over holding Senate majority

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She's cut an ad saying she's "more conservative than Attila the Hun." She's lashed out at the WNBA for its ties to Black Lives Matter. And she frequently promotes herself as having a "100 percent Trump voting record...

ニューヨーク州上院の多数派指導者が政府に呼びかける. アンドリュー・クオモが辞任する

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州議会の多数派リーダーであるアンドレア・スチュワート・カズンズは現在、ニューヨーク州政府の辞任を求めています. アンドリュー・クオモ, 自分の党のメンバーから離れるというますます高まる圧力に直面している人. 民主党が統治します。.

Democrats risk forfeiting Senate majority with attacks on Manchin: ハンター・バイデンは彼が誰であるかを正確に知っていました。

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"I don't know what these Democrats think they are doing when they are attacking him like that," Hume told "特別レポート" host Bret Baier on Monday. "There is one way they could lose that seat if they keep after him...

Majority of Americans support accepting Afghan refugees who worked with US, 新しい世論調査は示しています

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The survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 72% of Americans say they favor the U.S. granting refugee status to people who worked with the U.S. or Afghan governments during...

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s first majority written opinion limits reach of FOIA

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Justice Amy Coney Barrett penned her first Supreme Court majority opinion on Thursday, writing a 7-2 decision that will shield federal agencies from having to disclose certain materials under an exception to the Fre...

Catalonia’s separatists increase majority, dialogue with Madrid in sight

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Barcelona, SpainSeparatist parties won enough seats on Sunday in Catalonia's regional parliament to strengthen their majority, although a strong showing for the local branch of Spain's ruling Socialists pointed to a ...

「RoadToMajority PolicyConference」を作成できません’ 今年? 自宅で見る方法は次のとおりです

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会議, オーランドで開催される予定, フロリダ, 参加者にエンゲージメントと投票率を高めるために必要な情報と専門家のつながりを提供することに重点を置いています. "多数派への道はnaです。.

アンドリューブラウンジュニア. 銃撃は、大多数の田舎の黒人都市と郡の間の断絶を明らかにします

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一週間以上, 抗議者たちは小さな通りを行進しました, 趣のある, アンドリューブラウンジュニアの警察の殺害によって揺さぶられたノースカロライナ州の都市. 公民権の指導者と弁護士が収束しました ...


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科学大臣のKhairyJamaluddinはInstagramに次のように書いています "内閣は私たちの辞任を申し出ました" 王に, ムヒディンが君主に会った後、宮殿を去った直後. 副スポーツ大臣ワンアフマドF ...

元カリフォルニア民主党の多数派指導者は、政府に対するキャンペーンでラリーエルダーを支持します. ニューサム

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"私たちの公立学校は大きな変化を必要としています. グロリア・ロメロです; 私は州議会で民主党の過半数の指導者でした. 私はチャータースクールと学校選択を信じています. ラリー・エルダーもそうですが、ギャビン・ニューサムはそうではありません. 彼 ...

マッカーシー, aiming to regain House majority, likens 2022 midterms to ‘the 100-year storm’

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"When you sit back and you look and you want to pinpoint when was the bellwether, when was the moment in time that you truly felt that you knew that the majority was in play and you had the capability of winning – wh...

「分隊’ ペロシが第二次世界大戦以来最もスリムな過半数で取り組むとき、特大の力を行使します

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The left-wing Democrats almost torpedoed $ 1.9 billion in additional Capitol security funding last week over concerns of giving police more money. The progressives threatened to unravel police reform compromise legi...

ジョージア州政府. Kemp rips MLB for ‘discrepancyof moving game out of half-black Atlanta to majority white Denver

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ブライアンケンプ: ええ, I think they will. というのは, it's almost comical--just all of these hits that keep following: moving the All-Star game from a city that's, ええと, a metro area that's 51 percent African-American to ...

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