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Terry McAuliffe pide que el mandato de la vacuna "haga la vida difícil" a los no vacunados

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"Hoy dia, Hago un llamado a todos los empleadores de Virginia para que exijan que todos los empleados elegibles se vacunen contra COVID-19," dijo el ex gobernador de Virginia en un comunicado el lunes por la tarde. "Hace tiempo que digo que lo mejor ....

Reps. Donalds says CRT implies he’s ‘less than,’ doesn’t need left’s help to ‘make me feel better about myself

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"Our children are there to learn reading, escribiendo, aritmética, not to hate the country, not to hate the kid sitting next to the[m]… because the kid happens to be White, not because the kid is Black, like me when I wa...

Meghan Markle dedicates ‘The Bench’ to Prince Harry and Archie: They ‘make my heart go pump-pump’

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Just days after welcoming her second child, the Duchess of Sussex’s first children’s book was released on Tuesday. "El Banco" was illustrated by award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson with Markle narrating the...

An aspiring congressional candidate unveils novel campaign slogan: ‘Make crime illegal again

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Larkin, a Republican who lost his bid for Washington state attorney general to the incumbent Democrat in 2020, plans to challenge sitting Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier for the seat representing the 8th District of Wash...

Joe Exotic begs Biden for pardon as he fears he has prostate cancer: ‘Make this right

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Exótico, also known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, revealed on Facebook on Friday that his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) count "came back very high for prostate cancer." The former zookeeper then shared the symptoms h...