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Texas police arrest 4 males, insluitend 2 juveniles, in connection to threats against school: verslag doen

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The threats came two days after 19 elementary school students and two teachers were killed in a mass school shooting in Uvalde on Tuesday, leading to threats from a handful of copycat actors across the state in the d...

Opinie: I’m a middle-aged Black father. I want to ask White teen males this question

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Keith Magee is a theologian, political adviser and social justice scholar. He is chair and professor of practice in social justice at Newcastle University (Verenigde Koninkryk). He is visiting professor in cultural justic...

Boris Johnson: ‘Biological males should not be competing in female sporting events

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Johnson received criticism from LGBT organizations this month after not including "transgender children" in the country's fight to ban "conversion therapy." The issue has sharpened after transgender cyclist Emily Bri...

Integrating biological males into women’s sports is ‘discrimination’: NCAA All-American swimmer

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Including transgender athletes on women's teams is a form of discrimination, and there should be laws in place to stop the practice, Shanteau said. "We need a political movement. We need people to care. We need laws ...

Female athletes recount ‘demoralizingcompetitions against biological males: ‘Lost out on opportunities

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Alanna Smith and Selina Soule told host Ben Domenech they felt helpless competing in athletics against transgender individuals who were born male. Smith said that in her freshman year, she competed against two indivi...

‘Y: The Last Manenvisions an apocalyptic world without (wel, amper) males

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Add "Y: The Last Man" to the long list of comics-turned-series since "Die wandelende dooies" became a smash hit that have yearned to emulate its post-apocalyptic appeal. Like most of the others, this beyond-grim drama fa...

Sommige kolibrieswyfies wat soos mannetjies lyk, ondervind minder sosiale teistering, studie bevind

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Sommige vroulike voëls is tot die nege geklee -- dog vreemd genoeg minder interaksie met ander. Helderkleurige vere kan die sleutel wees vir hierdie vroulike kolibries om fisiese gevegte met ander van hul spesies te vermy. Vroulik...

NCAA track champ on trans athletes: Girls ‘deprivedof ‘equalitywith competition from ‘biological males

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"It’s not equality because when you’re competing against a biological male, it’s not an equal playing field – even if they are on hormones," said Shannon Arena, whose maiden name is Gagne. In an interview Thursday, ...

Biological males have athletic advantage over females, ‘it’s not fair’: Dr. Debra Soh

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DR. DEBRA SOH: Individuals who are born male are on average larger, stronger, and faster than individuals born female. And even those trans individuals who are on hormone therapy -- so they are suppressing testostero...