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Woolly mammoth resurrection? Scientists say it’s in process

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Colossal, which launched on Monday, has received $ 15 million in initial funding for the project. On its website, the company discussed the issue of extinction and its goal to "develop a de-extinction library of ani...

Scientists want to resurrect the woolly mammoth. They just got $15 million to make it happen

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Skryf in vir die nuusnuusbrief van CNN se Wonder Theory -wetenskap. Verken die heelal met nuus oor fassinerende ontdekkings, wetenskaplike vooruitgang en meer. Bringing extinct creatures back to life is the lifeblood of science f...

Hennessey’s Ram 1500 TRX Mammoth 1000 SUV lives up to its name

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Nothing's been confirmed yet, but impatient Ram shoppers looking for some extra people-carrying capacity now have an option if they're willing to pay a premium. (Hennessey Performance) Hennessey Perf...

World’s oldest DNA sequenced from a mammoth that lived more than a million years ago

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A tooth from a mammoth that roamed the Siberian steppe more than a million years ago has yielded the world's oldest DNA sequence. It's the first time that DNA has been recovered from animal remains more than a mill...