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GOP usted. Mike Lee hands over phone records to House impeachment managers

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GOP usted. Mike Lee of Utah has turned over phone records to the House impeachment managers, shedding light on the timing of a call that had been referenced during the second Senate impeachment trial of former Preside...

Manchester City and Liverpool write thrilling new English ‘Clasicochapter in friendliest of rivalries between managers

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Eithad Stadium, Manchester Football rivalries are often difficult to define. Este es, in large part, due to the numerous complex historical, sometimes political, reasons that shape decades-long feuds between two opp...

Andie MacDowell’s managers didn’t want her to go graybut she told them they’re ‘wrong’: It’s ‘powerful

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"During lockdown, I had a lot of downtime and became obsessed with Jack Martin, who did Jane Fonda's hair," MacDowell shared in an interview Wednesday with Vogue. "I shared those pictures with a lot of people going, ...

Trump purges Pentagon advisory board and gives seats to former campaign managers

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President Donald Trump has purged a Pentagon business advisory board and replaced its members with his former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, neither of whom have served in the military or have any app...

DOJ and House managers zero in on far-right Proud Boysrole in Capitol attack

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In the federal investigation into the Proud Boys and their role in the Capitol insurrection, the Justice Department is pursuing several members of the organization and arguing in court in recent days that the group ...

House impeachment managers request former President Donald Trump testify at trial

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The House impeachment managers are requesting former President Donald Trump testify before or during his Senate impeachment trial, making the request in a letter Wednesday that raises the stakes of the trial schedul...

Managers, players share their favorite Derek Jeter memories: ‘He kept coming through’

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Here’s what his managers and teammates had to say about him ahead of his induction: Buck Showalter, Jeter’s first manager in the majors New York Yankees' Derek Jeter smiles as he speaks about his 3,000th c...

MLB managers discuss Gabe Kapler national anthem protest after Uvalde shooting

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El viernes, Kapler said he will no longer be attending the playing of "El estandarte estrellado," before games, which he clarified in an op-ed, diciendo que es "not okay with the state of this country." "When I was the s...

White Sox manager’s alarmingly stupid move

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Scott Jennings, a CNN contributor and Republican campaign adviser, is a former special assistant to President George W. Bush and a former campaign adviser to Sen. Mitch McConnell. He is a partner at RunSwitch Public ...