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Attorney sues to stop ‘most severevaccine mandate at Indiana University

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Jim Bopp joined "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" ahead of the court decision, saying that he filed for "expedition" in getting a verdict in time to save the students from undue hardship. Carlson noted the World Health Organi...

Florida ma sê kinders’ maskers word besmet, doen 'n beroep op die skool om die streng mandaat te beëindig

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"Ons kinders was die hele dag in maskers, sewe uur per dag op skool," Donoho, wat 'n tienjarige en tweeling 8-jarige het, Donderdag gesê. "Die enigste pouse wat hulle kry, is om te eet of te drink, en dit is dit." Sy het opgemerk dat ...

US Congressional candidate slams de Blasio’s mask mandate: ‘Parents are the best experts of their children

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LIZ JOY: Wel, I think it's absolutely ridiculous. ek bedoel, the kids in this city right now, they're going to have to go to school in 80 degree, 90 degree heat. Those schools are not air-conditioned. They have to be w...

Houston Methodist Hospital sued by nurses over vaccine mandate for employment

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Jennifer Bridges, one of the HMH nurses included in the suit, vertel "Fox News Primetime" on Wednesday that she and the others are fighting for basic rights of workers, who her attorney Jared Woodfill V said would othe...

Texas hospital faces lawsuit over coronavirus vaccination mandate

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Houston Methodist Hospital, which manages eight hospitals, gave employees a June 7 deadline to receive the vaccine or risk suspension and termination, die regsgeding eis. "Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees...

Freedom Caucus vra CDC of Pelosi sy wetenskaplikes geraadpleeg het oor die voortgesette mandaat van die Huismasker

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Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., het 'n brief aan dr. Rochelle Walensky Donderdag net een vraag gevra: Het Pelosi of die Capitol-dokter met haar of iemand by die CDC gekonsulteer voordat die mandaat van die Huismasker verleng is?.

Brian Mast blasts Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate as ‘power grab’, Democrats only care about ‘control

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MAST: If it's Pelosi, it's always a power grab. That's the name of the game with her. You asked in an earlier segment, how can they get away with always being wrong? They don't care about if they're right. They only ...

House GOP lawmakers fined after defying mask mandate

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A mix of fines and warnings were handed down to a group of House Republicans on Tuesday who had defied the chamber's mask mandate on the House floor, a Capitol official told CNN. Reps. Brian Mast of Florida, Marian...

California will maintain coronavirus mask mandate, other policies until June 15

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its guidance last week to say that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear face masks due to the incredibly low chance of infection. Dozens of states embraced th...

LA County supervisor calls on Newsom to end California’s mask mandate

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Kathryn Barger said Los Angeles County has made "tremendous progress" in vaccinating residents and noted the county’s positivity rate is less than 1%, the City News Service of Los Angeles reported. "As we return to ...

New York among states waiting to lift mask mandate for vaccinated people

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But one of those surrounding states, Connecticut, is seemingly embracing the new guidance. "Outdoor masking is no longer required for anybody, vaccinated or unvaccinated unless you are in a very tight area, one of t...

Utah mom blasts school district over mask mandate: ‘I had enough

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SOPHIA ANDERSON: Wel, om eerlik te wees, I never went to that meeting intending for it to become a pressure cooker situation, and so I went to just give Utah parents a voice because it's been 14 months of these mandates ...

Utah ma vertel 'Fox & Vriende’ hoekom sy die skool se maskermandaat beveg: Ouers’ bekommernisse ‘totaal geïgnoreer’

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Na wat verneem word, ondersoek die polisie in Utah moontlike strafregtelike klagte teen 'n groep betogers teen masker wat hierdie week 'n vroeëre einde aan 'n skoolraadvergadering veroorsaak het., onderbreek sprekers en dreunsang "Niks meer nie ...

Yair Lapid gets mandate to try to form next Israeli government

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Jerusalem Centrist lawmaker Yair Lapid has been tasked with trying to form a new government in Israel, after longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to admit failure in his efforts to reach agreement wi...

NJ school nurse suspended after pushing back on mask mandate, says it’s ‘child abuse

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Pein, 35, said this incident is one of many that she’s seen at the Stafford school, and the nurse is deeply concerned the kids are wearing masks "incorrectly" and decided to make a stand. The Stafford school nurse re...

This Massachusetts town will keep its outdoor mask mandate despite governor loosening restrictions

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Just days after Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced a relaxation of mask requirements, Brookline, a town just outside of Boston, doubled down on its more restrictive mask mandate. As of April 30, masks are ...

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