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Arizona seeks temporary restraining order to stop Biden vaccine mandate

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"Once a vaccine has been administered, it can never be undone," Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement announcing the move. "The COVID-19 vaccine mandate is one of the greatest infringements upon individu...

Florida fire chief: I was fired for refusing to enforce ‘unlawful’ mandato de vacuna

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"I was terminated a few days ago. I was trying to tell them that what they were doing – I was supposed to write people up --it was unlawful is essentially what happened," former Orange County Fire Rescue Battalion Ch...

Washington State police couple lose jobs over vaccine mandate despite after religious exemptions pulled

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SEATTLE COPS AND FIREFIGHTERS FEED HOMELESS AFTER GETTING FIRED FOR REFUSING VACCINE "It's an argument about freedom, about constitutional rights and civil liberties, something that I've spent most of my adult life p...

NASA engineer of 37 years prepared to retire over vaccine mandate if religious exemption isn’t granted

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TEXAS WELES PATIENTS DENIED LIVESAVING ORGAN TRANSPLANTS IN COLORADO BECAUSE OF COVID VACCINATION STATUS "I believe my body is God's temple," Smith told co-host Brian Kilmeade. "All three of vaccine[s] use stem cell...

Arizona Gov. Ducey threatens legal challenge to ‘unfathomableTucson vaccine mandate

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The city council voted 4-3 on Tuesday to approve a mandate that city employees get vaccinated or lose their jobs by Dec. 1, la Associated Press informó. Alrededor 300 of the city's nearly 4,000 employees have refused ...

New York City police union threatens legal action over de Blasio vaccine mandate

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The mayor announced the requirement Wednesday, pitting himself against public employees, including police officers and firefighters who have refused to get the shots. De Blasio gave municipal employees until Nov. 1 t ...

Maine health care workers appeal to Supreme Court after federal court upholds state’s vaccine mandate

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A group of unvaccinated Maine health care workers asked the Supreme Court Wednesday to step in and block enforcement of the state's coronavirus vaccine mandate. The mandate is set to go into force on October 29 y ...

High school teacher of the year faces termination over vaccine mandate

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"It is unfortunate after 15 plus years of dedicating myself to the profession and the students and the families of the town that I work in that we're here," Kahseim Outlaw, a gym teacher at Lyman Hall High School, a...

Twitter erupts with support for In-N-Out after company refuses to enforce vaccine mandate: ‘#DoNotComply

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The fast-food chain trended on Twitter Tuesday after the company told the city of San Francisco "we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government" and was closed temporarily by the city’s health departme...

Lawyer for Navy SEALs: ‘Insanefor military not to approve religious exemptions to vaccine mandate

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NAVY SEALS SEEKING RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS TO VACCINE MANDATE FACING INTIMIDATION AND HARASSMENT, SOURCES SAY MIKE BERRY: Bien, it all starts with the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment, the free exercise of reli...

San Francisco cierra In-N-Out por no hacer cumplir el mandato de jab: "Nos negamos a convertirnos en la policía de vacunación’

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El Departamento de Salud Pública de San Francisco cerró la ubicación de Fisherman’s Wharf In-N-Out en octubre. 14 después de que la popular hamburguesería no verificara el estado de vacunación de los clientes, que viola un mandato de agosto..

Nick Rolovich del estado de Washington se retira como entrenador en jefe después de no cumplir con el mandato de la vacuna COVID

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Rolovich, Logotipo de Ricky, John Richardson, Craig Stuzmann y Mark Weber no cumplieron con el gobierno de Washington. Proclamación de Jay Inslee sobre los empleados estatales que se vacunan, y los lados comenzaron el "separación p ...

Will Cain: Nadie responde sistemáticamente sobre el "mandato autoritario"

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LA FDA APROBARÁ UN ENFOQUE DE "MEZCLA Y COMBINACIÓN" PARA TOMAS DE REFUERZO DE VACUNAS: INFORME SERÁ CAÍN: Aquí están los hechos, aquí hay datos. Esto es lo que sabemos ahora mismo: la gran mayoría de las hospitalizaciones y muertes en los Estados Unidos..

Watters on Biden violating DC mask mandate: US is confused about COVID rules ‘because he’s confused

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Biden was pictured without a mask at Fiola Mare, eliciting reporters to question the White House press secretary about the apparent double standard. White House press secretary Jen Psaki, responded that Biden and his...

Psaki brushes off video of Biden violating DC mask mandate: Don’t ‘overly focus on moments in time

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During her daily press briefing, Psaki was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy to address a video showing Biden and first lady Jill Biden walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without masks on Saturday, violati...

La policía estatal explica por qué le dijo al gobernador liberal que "besara mi–‘ y renunciar por mandato de vacuna

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Robert LaMay se unió "zorro & Amigos primero" el lunes para discutir su decisión de renunciar, el mandato de la vacuna, y su preocupación por el futuro del estado. "Cuando comenzamos este programa, había varios cientos..

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