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The Rock’s T-Rex skull on ‘ManningCastraises questions over whether it’s real historic fossil

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"The most electrifying man in sports entertainment" was dazzling NFL fans with what was behind him rather than with what he was doing or saying during the broadcast. Fans were perplexed to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex sku...

Hennessy shots, expletives and trolling: Marshawn Lynch stars on ‘Manningcastcoverage of NFL game

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Marshawn Lynch is a treasure and needs to be preserved at all costs. The former NFL running back was one of the guests on the "Manningcast" cobertura -- hosted by NFL legends and brothers Peyton and Eli Manning -- O ...

Marshawn Lynch drops expletives during ‘ManningCast’ apariencia, delights fans

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The former Seattle Seahawks star came in to offer his opinion and analysis on his former team’s game against the New Orleans Saints and dropped three expletives during his time with the Manning brothers. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ F ...