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Cadillac’s ‘MonsterHypercar will attempt to win Le Mans and Daytona 24 hour races

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The automaker has revealed the new prototype racing car that it will enter into the 24 Hours of Le Mans next year. The Project GTP Hypercar has been designed to meet the latest regulations of the IMSA GTP and World E...

Hiring a hitman: Inside one Florida man’s alleged plot to murder his sister’s ex, a prominent attorney

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"I don’t want to know what happened," she told the defense. With her long, dirty blonde hair covering the collar of a black blazer she wore over a gray dress, her demeanor varied between the seemingly good-natured, ...

Zoo responds after viral video shows lion bit man’s finger: ‘Should never have happened

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Die man, whose identity has not been revealed, is said to be a contractor for the Jamaica Zoo, which is located in the Burton District of Lacovia, Jamaika. As shown in the viral clip, the contractor fits a part of ...

Florida man’s front door blocked by massive alligator

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Ed Ferraro, a resident of the house, recorded the massive alligator that was outside his front door and not moving one inch, volgens FOX 13 Tampabaai. Ferraro said that officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlif...

The inside story of one man’s five-year ordeal in an Iranian prison

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Hierdie rubriek gaan vanaf April in 'n gratis nuusbrief verander 25. Registreer hier om Meanwhile in die Midde-Ooste te kry, 'n drie keer per week 'n kykie na die streek se grootste stories en wat dit vir jou vrou beteken...

The art of remembrance: How one man’s surfboard became a touching tribute to the lives of thousands of people

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A funeral oration or an obituary is traditionally how we honor those who have died. But the way we remember loved ones is changing, as thousands of families turn to one project using TikTok and a surfboard. Since th...

Singapore court rejects intellectually disabled man’s final appeal against execution for drug smuggling

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A Singapore court on Tuesday rejected a final appeal by a man sentenced to death for drug trafficking, following a campaign by his lawyers who said the trial violated international laws as the man has intellectual d...

NASCAR Cup Series car entering 24 Ure van Le Mans in 2023

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The sanctioning body has announced that Hendrick Motorsports will enter a modified Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Cup Series car in the 2023 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans as part of the event's Garage 56 program. ...

A Black man’s death was ruled a suicide a century ago. A coroner now says it was a lynching

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George Tompkins left his home on the morning of March 16, 1922, but the 19-year-old never returned. Daardie middag, the Black man's body was found hanging from a sapling -- his hands bound together at Riverside Park...

California CBP officers find 52 reptiles hidden in man’s clothing

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The 30-year-old U.S. citizen was driving a 2018 GMC truck when he stopped at the San Ysidro border crossing and was ordered out for further inspection, Amerikaanse. Doeane- en grensbeskerming (CBP) said in a news release....

Florida appeals court overturns conviction of Miami police officer who shot autistic man’s caretaker

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A South Florida appeals court Wednesday overturned the conviction of a former North Miami Police Department officer who was found guilty of negligence for shooting an autistic man's caretaker in 2016, court document...

Man’s hunting and fishing privileges revoked after pleading guilty to shooting geese from a Louisiana highway

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Trevor Istre pled guilty to charges in relation to an incident that occurred on February 16, 2021, local officials announced in a press release. He was also sentenced to unsupervised probation and was issued a $ 3,0...

Flying fins! Cadillac GTP race car to go for 24 Hours of Le Mans win in 2023

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Cadillac has partially revealed the Project GTP endurance racing car it will field at next year's 24-hour races in Daytona and Le Mans. The GTP car will enter the 24 hour races at Daytona and Le Mans. ...

Heroic Navy sailor saves man’s life at a California gym

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A senior sailor in the U.S. Navy saved another man’s life recently while both men were at a gym in California working out. When an individual was found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor, the sailor, Ryan P. ...

Maryland authorities find more than 100 snakes in dead man’s home

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Die man, JEN PSAKI BOTS MET LIBERALE MSNBC-gasheer oor BIDEN SE FILIBUSTER FIP-FLOP MARSHA BLACKBURN, was found dead Wednesday by deputies in his house in Pomfret, oor 30 miles south of Washington D.C. – after a neighbor saw him lying on the floor unconscious and ca...

New Orleans police find woman’s body chopped up in ‘Dexterman’s freezer

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New Orleans police officers who were searching for a missing woman found a chopped up body in a freezer, a reciprocating saw covered in "bits of flesh" and her wallet in a safe on the property, volgens die hofdokument..

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